Noise proofing demystified with Eternia windows and doors

eternia doors and windows in a cafe
eternia doors and windows in a cafe

The fact that India has the worst noise pollution levels in the world is not unheard of. According to a survey conducted by WHO, more than 6% of Indians suffer from partial or complete deafness due to prolonged exposure to noise. Although the permissible sound limit is 75 dB in industrial areas and 65 dB in residential areas, there is hardly any compliance with the law. Moreover, prolonged noise above 70 dB can cause severe damage to the health, life, and working capacity of an individual. However, due to the lack of monitoring and control, even residential areas experience more than 90 dB on a regular basis. Homeowners complain that even with closed doors and windows, they have to suffer the consequences of noise pollution. However, we have a solution to these problems with Eternia noise-proof doors and windows.

While we cannot control the external factors that cause excessive noise, we can surely control the amount of noise we allow inside our homes. It is not possible to bring down the entire house and construct soundproof walls and interiors all over again. However, with Eternia doors and windows, you can get a significant level of sound reduction and noise-proofing to have a more comfortable and livable home. The best-in-class brand, Eternia manufactures doors and windows with excellent noise-proofing qualities that enable the fenestration to act like a strong barrier between the external cacophony and the interiors of the house.

In this article, we have laid emphasis on the importance of sound insulation in houses and the contribution of Eternia, through its WiWA© certified Duranium® doors and windows towards this feature.


Significance of sound insulation

Sound has many detrimental effects on the mental and physical health of an individual. Listening to sound above 85 dB for more than 7 hrs can cause severe health hazards. Moreover, with open floor plans, deafening honks, blaring streets, never-ending construction, pesky neighbours, and other disturbances, sound insulation has become more necessary than ever today. Here are a few more reasons why we need sound insulation in our homes and offices:


Need for quiet in busy places


a lady performing yoga inside her house in front of a noisy street
Block all disturbances with Eternia doors and windows

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If you live in a very busy location such as near the main road, railroad, or a construction site, noise proofing becomes a necessity. Moreover, if you live on the ground floor, the jarring horns of private and public vehicles will constantly bug you. As a result, it becomes difficult to focus, work, or relax in such a noisy environment.

For a productive and comfortable environment that is free of unwanted noise, echoes, and vibrations, we need solid noise proofing which can be achieved by Eternia doors and windows.




a couple shutting their ears to avoid noise, sitting on a grey sofa
Save yourself from the unwanted noisy elements

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In addition to comfort, it is also pertinent that the room offers privacy. Every individual needs a private space. In a space that lacks sound insulation, there is also a lack of privacy. The sound can easily travel out of the room threatening the privacy of the occupant.

Background noise and sound insulation both affect privacy. Service noise and environmental noise sources that enter through the facade, doors, windows, vents, etc. make up the background noise.

The apparent amount of privacy across a partition increase by 5 to 10 dB for every 5 to 10 dB increase in background noise within the room. Therefore, it is crucial to take into account both the background noise in the receiver room and the sound insulation across the partition when determining the necessary sound insulation.


Prevention of air leakage


huge picture window with grills in an industrial style living room
No air leakage with insulated doors and windows

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Sound insulation is provided by insulating the air spaces between the structure and the doors and window profiles. As a result, when we make any room noise-proof, we also relieve it from potential air gaps offering it heat insulation.


Better health


a family with 2 kids and parents sitting on a couch sofa with glass doors and windows in the background
Eternia doors & windows contribute to a better health & life

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Prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause severe health hazards. Some major health problems are hypertension, irritability, lack of concentration, and other physiological, psychic, and sociological challenges.

Therefore, it is important the doors and windows of the room are noise-proof and provide optimal noise cancellation. Eternia doors and windows, without a question, provide respite from these problems and enhance your life quality.


Quality sleep


A woman waking up after a sound sleep and looking outside the window
Peaceful and sound sleep with Eternia windows

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Almost everyone living in urban towns suffers from disturbed sleeping patterns and insomnia. People are unable to sleep peacefully even at night because of too loud noises. However, with Eternia doors and windows, it is possible to block all unwanted noise. Thus, you can have a calm environment for sound sleep at any time of the day.


Sound insulation by Eternia doors and windows


eternia by hindalco doors and windows in beautiful rooms
Eternia doors & windows for aesthetically functional rooms

Image Source: Eternia


Blocking out background noises remains a major challenge for people living in urban settings. In addition to the factors that cater to the escalation of noise pollution, another reason for excessive noise is the high-rise buildings. Sound amplifies with an increase in height. Therefore, people living on the top floors experience more noise disturbance than ground floor occupants. Since most people live in skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings, the noise problem gets intensified exponentially. However, good quality noise-proof doors and windows can overcome these challenges very conveniently. Eternia doors and windows are made with Duranium® and come with proven noise reduction features.



Here is why Eternia windows are good for noise insulation-

  1. Eternia windows are WiWA certified. The “A” in WiWA stands for Air Permeability, which ensures minimal passing of air, dust, and most importantly Noise from Outside to Inside. Its signature ETPSD & ETPCS range has been certified at the highest level of air permeability as per European standards.
  2. Eternia windows are equipped with custom-developed gaskets and fin-based woolpile, this provides a unique sealing all around the window, to minimize noise flow
  3. Eternia windows are compatible with high-performance noise insulation glass (including double-glazed insulated glass, laminated glass, etc.) to further enhance the sound insulation performance of our windows.

In fact, to be more precise, WiWA© Duranium® doors and windows reduce outdoor noise levels by up to 35dB. This means that these systems are capable of blocking out extremely loud outdoor noise completely providing a comfortable space to work or rest.

Apart from noise insulation, Eternia doors and windows are WiWA© certified for superior protection from heavy cyclonic winds and water leakage.



Whether you are in your office working or at your home resting, the last thing you need is the intrusion of unwanted noise in your space. However, regulating external noisy elements is not in your control. So, the next best solution is to cancel all noise disturbances from your own space. This can be done easily by installing Eternia range of doors and windows.

Noise-proof houses have many benefits. The occupants have a more productive, efficient, healthier, and comfortable life. Sound reduction also caters to environmental benefits as it reduces noise pollution and makes homes more energy-efficient.

The WiWA© certified Duranium® doors and window range by Eternia offer all these features while also making the rooms more stylish and functional.


*The featured image used in this article is from Eternia


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