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Bosch appliances have been making a difference in modular kitchens for a long time. The brand is known for its fine-finish, quality products. Bosch offers a huge variety of modular kitchen appliances that are easy-to-use and ensure longevity. The latest addition to this range of modern, durable kitchen appliances is the Bosch Serie | 8 Gas hob.

About the Product

Bosch Serie | 8 Gas hob is a built-in gas hob that fits comfortably into the cabinet of your modular kitchen. It has 5 gas burners and comes in the black colour, ceramic body. The five-flame burners are engineered with the most advanced technology to give you the best distribution of flames. The unique design with Guided Flame technology offers flame size adjustment at predefined power levels. It definitely makes cooking more feasible, quicker, and enjoyable. The control knobs are precise and give you complete control over the flame. The safe and seamless Bosch gas hob is specially designed keeping in view the Indian cooking habits.

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Product Description

Bosch Serie | 8 Gas hob General Specifications

  • Energy Input: Gas
  • Type of control setting and signalling devices: Sword knobs
  • Features: Flame select, Wok burner

Bosch Serie | 8 Gas hob Physical Specifications

  • Colour: Black
  • Construction Type: Built-in for modular kitchens
  • Type of frame: Facette fro+rear, side profiles
  • of gas burners: 5
  • Installation typology: Built-in into the cabinet.
  • Type of pan support: Elongated cast iron pan support

Size and weight

  • Dimensions of the product (mm): 45 x 916 x 527 mm
  • Net weight (kg): 18.610 kg

Safety Specifications:

  • Type of safety device for gas: Electromagnetic for each burner
  • Separate residual heat indicator


  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm): 150 cm
  • Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz
  • Gas connection: Rear, right
  • Gas connection rating (W): 13,700 W

Brand Info


Bosch Home Appliances is committed to delivering intelligent, dependable, and appealing solutions that make life a little easier on a daily basis. The company Bosch manufactures one of the best home & kitchen appliance products and the most effortless customer care service in India.

This exemplifies Bosch’s desire to build technology that is always useful: our products are there when people need them and blend in with their surroundings when they aren’t – always helpful, never obtrusive.

Bosch is a significant technology and service provider in India in the areas of Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy, and Building Technology. Furthermore, Bosch maintains the largest development facility for end-to-end engineering and technology solutions outside of Germany in India.


Bosch Product Range


Bosch India makes the best kitchen and home appliances products and offers great customer care service
Home & Kitchen Appliances


Cooking & Baking

The Bosch chimney is made to withstand long cooking sessions and a lot of frying. Also, it is designed specifically for Indian kitchens and delivers maximum suction to keep smoke and odour out of the kitchen.

The Bosch Built-In Hob transforms your kitchen into a modern and elegant space. Also, it’s tough, long-lasting, and easy to install. Our directed flame technology allows you to cook with ease and get flawless results.

Cooking, baking, and grilling are all simple tasks with Bosch ovens. Moreover, Bosch’s oven can handle everything from continental to Italian cuisine, sweets to Indian cuisine. You may also attempt a range of classic recipes with ease while maintaining their authenticity.

If you need something done quickly, a Bosch microwave is ideal. Also, whether you want to reheat a cup of tea, bake a pizza using the grill mode, or thaw frozen meals, it can do it all.

  • Built-in ovens
  • Built-in hobs
  • Freestanding cookers
  • Steam appliances
  • Microwave
  • Chimneys
  • Warming Drawers


BOSCH Dishwashers

  • Free-standing dishwashers
  • Built-in dishwashers
  • Dishwasher product finder


Fridges & Freezers

  • Fridge product finder
  • Top freezers
  • Bottom freezers
  • Side by Side
  • French Door
  • Accessories


BOSCH Mixer Grinders

  • TrueMixx range


Beverage & breakfast

  • Kettles


Food Processors

  • Food Processors


Kitchen appliances

  • Hand blenders
  • Hand mixers
  • Juice extractors


BOSCH Washers & Dryers

Bosch India company has introduced a new top-load washing machine series with advanced German technology & the best customer care service that will take additional care of your favourite items and improve your washing experience.

The brand’s innovative VarioDrum technology will gently clean your new and pricey clothing without causing them any harm. Even after numerous washings.

The brand’s one-of-a-kind dryer is designed to save time without sacrificing quality. It includes moisture sensors built in to detect the level of wetness. It uses controlled heat to keep your garments soft and wrinkle-free for as long as possible.

Integrated solutions from Bosch are always a sensible choice, never a compromise: our washer dryers not only clean wonderfully, but also dry perfectly and fast, all in one solid appliance. As a result, they are an excellent choice for anyone who values outstanding performance and efficiency.

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