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combination steam oven flushed into brown cabinetry
Siemens combination steam oven in black ceramic glass finish, iQ700 Built-in oven with steam function 60 cmSiemens combination steam oven in black ceramic glass finish, iQ700 Built-in oven with steam function in 71 lit capacitySiemens combination steam oven in black ceramic glass finish, iQ700 Built-in oven with steam function 60 cm - inside viewSiemens combination steam oven in black ceramic glass finish, iQ700 Built-in oven with steam function 60 cm - TFT colour displaySiemens combination steam oven iQ700 - HS858GXB6 - measurement diagram 3Siemens combination steam oven iQ700 - HS858GXB6 - measurement diagram 1Siemens combination steam oven iQ700 - HS858GXB6 - measurement diagram 2

Backed by innovative technologies and German engineering, Siemens Home Appliances’ design, products, features, and services reflect perfectly a metropolitan lifestyle. Siemens’ StudioLine line combines style and technology, is a reflection of an ambitious lifestyle, and emphasizes individuality. One of their showstopping products is the Siemens studioLine 60cm oven with steam.

About the Product

In typical Siemens style, cutting-edge automation and cooking technology are presented in the most straightforward ways imaginable so that no matter which oven you pick, they are as easy to use as they are on the eye. Siemens studioLine 60 cm oven with steam boasts unique features, such as TFT colour-touch display, 4D Hot Air, coolStart, and activeCleaning offering optimum readability and intuitive operation.

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Product Description

Siemens 60cm steam ovens allow you to cook with steam, bake, and roast with hot air, or do both. In addition to meat, fish, and vegetables, they are perfect for baking bread, cakes, and roasts thanks to their revolutionary technology that uses a combination of steam and hot air. Moreover, these ovens are a healthier option than standard ones. These built-in appliances featuring HomeConnect are ideal for ultra-modern open-plan living spaces. Siemens studioLine built-in ovens have a distinctive appearance that combines clean lines with simple controls. In addition, they feature state-of-the-art technology for an unmatched experience.

With Siemens studioLine ovens, prepare and cook food with the most exquisite flavours and delicate textures using the sous-vide setting and vacuum drawer. This guarantees that all flavour and moisture are properly absorbed into the dish, resulting in a fine-dining experience in the comfort of your own home. A guaranteed design statement is created with a coordinated design, blackSteel handles, stainless steel disc controls, and large, bright TFT touch displays. To perfectly match your cooking appliance to your coffee maker, stove, and hood, the studioLine line uses a sleek stainless blackSteel look that delivers a strong, high-quality aesthetic.


HS858GXB6B – 60cm oven with steam


Siemens combination steam oven in black ceramic glass finish, iQ700 Built-in oven with steam function 60 cm
Siemens iQ700 60cm built-in oven with steam function


Key highlights

  • Oven Capacity: 71 Litres
  • 5,7“-TFT-color and graphics display with direct touch function
  • 4D hotAir
  • Full Steam Functions


Design & innovation features of the oven with steam

  • Combi-steam oven with 15 heating methods: 4D hotair, hotAir eco, Conventional heat, Conventional heat ECO, hotAir grilling, Full width grill, Half width grill, Pizza setting, coolStart, Bottom heat, Intensive heat, Soft steaming, Plate warming setting, Dehydrate, Hold warm setting.
  • Additional heating methods with steam: Steam, Regeneration with steam, Fermentation with steam, Defrost with steam, sous-vide cooking.
  • Full Glass Inner door
  • Integral cooling fan
  • Water tank capacity: 1 litre
  • Tank empty indicator
  • softMove door
  • 3 Shelf levels
  • Automatic rapid heat function
  • Sabbath function


Oven with steam – Cleaning features

  • Drying function
  • ecoClean Plus function for back, ceiling and side liners
  • Descaling programme


Safety & quality features

  • Residual heat indicator
  • Childproof lock function
  • Automatic safety switch off



  • Steam oven Dimensions (HxWxD):5cm x 59.4cm x 54.8cm
  • Cutout Dimensions (HxWxD):5cm – 59.5cm x 56cm – 56.8cm x 55cm


Technical information

  • Connecting cable: 120cm
  • Total connected load: 3.45 kW
  • Heating Temperature: 30°C – 250°C


Integrated accessories

  • 1 x steam container Punched (size S)
  • 1 x Steam container punched (size XL)
  • 1x steam container, unpunched (size S)
  • 1 x grid
  • 1x sponge
  • 1x universal pan


Optional accessories

  • HZ664000: Baking and roasting grid (steam)
  • HZ633070: Professional pan, anthracite enamelled
  • HZ631070: Baking tray anthracite enamelled
  • HZ6BMA00: Assembly kit for vertical installation


Click here to view detailed technical specifications of Siemens StudioLine induction hob – EX677LEV5E.


Contact Details

  • M: +91-9967632127
  • Email:

Brand Info


Siemens has been a renowned German industrial and technological brand that serves the entire spectrum of the electrical engineering sector for more than 174 years. With a number of innovations that have genuinely transformed human life, Siemens has become one of the leading built-in appliance companies in India and the entire world. Consumers get complete access to a seamless world of innovative possibilities thanks to Siemens’ collection of smart products. The product line comprises freestanding models for cooking, laundry, refrigeration, freezing, and dishwashing, as well as coffee machines and vacuum cleaners, in addition to high-tech integrated home appliances.

With the introduction of coordinated and intelligently designed appliances, the brand is setting new standards for innovation, technology, and design worldwide.

Siemens StudioLine range of built-in appliances offers functionality and technology without compromising on design and sophistication. The StudioLine appliances are more than simply very efficient equipments; they represent an aspirational way of life and a symbol of individuality. In addition, the HomeConnect technology connects your appliances with the services of different partners – turning your house into a connected home. Therefore, Siemens products are designed for those who wish to make every day extraordinary.


modern premium kitchen with built-in appliances by Siemens


The intelligent innovations and renowned German Engineering of Siemens Home Appliances are well known. The brand’s technologies are also top-of-the-line and meet the high standards of customers. Siemens contributes to the metropolitan way of life with its contemporary yet timeless design making the company’s products and services dependable and well-thought-out.

In addition, the brand’s appliances range includes the following:


Cooking & Baking

  1. Ovens
  2. Steam cooking
  3. Hobs and cooktops
  4. Kitchen hoods
  5. Microwaves


Laundry Care

  1. Washing machines
  2. Clothes dryers
  3. Washer dryer machines


Siemens Dishwashers

  1. Built-in dishwashers
  2. Freestanding dishwashers



  1. Built-in fridges and freezers
  2. Freestanding fridges and freezers
  3. Wine fridges


Siemens Coffee machines

  1. Built-in fully automatic coffee machines



Siemens India – Contact Details:

  • Call: 1800 209 1850 (Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
  • E-mail:


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