sustainable architecture

sustainable architecture

Mr B.O. Prasanna kumar
Architect Talk

Technology & sustainability is trending among customers: Mr. B.O. Prasanna Kumar (Engineering Consultants)

We can see a drastic change in the plumbing and construction industry today. The industries show accelerated growth and no signs of slowing down.  But, …

Mr. Anil Zadoo, Founder & Director, AJMS Engineers Private Limited - interior contractors in Delhi
Architect Talk

Drywalls are setting new standards in hotel design & construction: Mr. Anil Zadoo, AJMS Engineers Private Limited (Interior contractors in Delhi)

A city’s tendency to flourish without constraint is a commonly noticed trend. To put it another way, their growth is absolutely dynamic and flexible. When …

hotel room interiors

Gypsum Drywalls – The comfort solution for interior spaces

We spend around 90% of our time indoors, whether at home, work, school, entertainment, or any other place. Therefore, it is critical that the buildings …

brown wooden furniture in a cafe - made using Canadian wood that sources its building materials and products through responsible forestry set to showcase at leading furniture exhibition indiawood 2024
FenestrationFiberboard | LaminatesFurniture

The eco-friendly benefits of Canadian Wood: A comprehensive overview

The significance of sustainability has become more apparent as the world confronts environmental crises, compelling people to reconsider their lifestyles and explore age-old solutions. Wood …

Ar. Prasanna Wategaonkar, General Manager of Architectural Services, Hosmac India
Architect Talk

HOSMAC is pioneering the change in healthcare infrastructure with Drywall construction: Ar. Prasanna Wategaonkar (Hospital consultants in Mumbai)

Life-saving equipments, cutting-edge technology, patient comfort, and staff wellbeing, are all now integral considerations in modern healthcare design. What we observe currently is a significant …

bay meadow OpenText office building by leading architecture firm in Mumbai - HOK Architects, front elevation design, office facade design

Top 10 architects in Mumbai | Best architecture firms in Mumbai

Mumbai, the wealthiest metropolis is now a market for new buildings and renovations. Since last year the real estate market in Mumbai has scaled up …

10 Architectural firms in Banglore

10 Best architectural firms in Bangalore | Architects in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the busiest cities in India. The silicon valley of India is constantly under construction for housing apartments, corporate offices, and other …


Drywall partitions – Helping every stakeholder in a building’s journey!

Our building systems have a significant preference for green construction. In today’s scenario, solutions that will ease the construction process, as well as be speedier …

Architect Tanuja B.K.
Architect Talk

Architects can make a difference to projects by not only making them functional but joyous, sustainable and green: Ar. Tanuja B.K.

Architect Tanuja B.K. is a partner at the studio practice of Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury based in New Delhi. Through their work as architects, Kanvinde, …

Canadian species trees
Fiberboard | Laminates

B.C. Canada Wood Species – Leading the way in sustainable forest management

Within the rich forests of British Columbia, Canada, where sustainable forest management practices are a hallmark, a diverse array of wood species thrives. Each lends …

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