sustainable architecture

sustainable architecture

ar. simranjit singh
Architect Talk

Sustainability is getting increasingly important in architectural design: Ar. Simranjit Singh

We are moving towards a world order that mandates us to bring ‘sustainability’ to the core of all the construction activities. And an architect is …

Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Wood Barn India
Channel Partner Talk

Canadian Wood species make it possible for us to create sustainable homes: Sanjay Sharma, Wood Barn India

In a world that is changing rapidly and where getting what you want right away is the norm, it is not astonishing that housing is …

front elevation designs
ArchitectureWall Cladding - Stone, Tile

58 Normal house front elevation designs (Ideas, images & products)

The front elevation designs hold great importance in the architecture of a building as it not only makes the building visually appealing but also adds …

sustainable solution, wood seminar in Ahmedabad
Fiberboard | LaminatesFurnitureFurniture

Canadian Wood hosts a seminar on wood as a sustainable solution with notable architects in Ahmedabad

On September 13, 2023, a notable seminar was organised by Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd (FII India), widely known as Canadian Wood, in Ahmedabad. …

Canadian Wood launched Centre of Excellence in Mumbai with Caple Industrial solutions
ArchitectureFiberboard | LaminatesFurniture

Canadian Wood supports the inauguration of Caple Industrial Solutions’ Centre of Excellence in Mumbai

In a groundbreaking development for the Indian wood industry, Canadian Wood has made a significant move. The British Columbia (B.C.) provincial government’s crown corporation, Forestry …

Ar. Shailendra Surana Mahapragya Architects Solapur
Architect Talk

Solar passive building techniques contribute to sustainable designs & energy efficiency: Ar. Shailendra Surana

Regarding the future of architecture, there is no doubt that sustainable building materials and designs are a crucial part of it. The building and construction …

Ar. Vistasp Bhagwager

The Kohler Innovation Center harmoniously brings together the R&D and office environments: Ar. Vistasp Bhagwagar

Every building project has its own set of challenges. For Ar. Vistasp Bhagwagar, Principal Architect at the Delhi-based AVA Design Pvt. Ltd., it’s been an …

Nativ restaurent in Pune made of Canadian Douglas-fir wood
ArchitectureFurnitureInterior Design

Canadian Douglas-Fir Wood enhances the ambience of Nativ Restaurant in Pune

Nativ Restaurant, situated in Baner, a vibrant suburb of Pune, underwent a remarkable makeover overseen by architects Shamna and Wojciech Stranc. This impressive project seamlessly …

Architect Manmeet K. Arora
Architect Talk

Beauty, purpose, and responsibility are the triad of sustainability in architectural design: Ar. Manmeet Arora

In the world of architecture and design, three key elements play a vital role: aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Aesthetics ensure that spaces are visually pleasing …

Index fair Mumbai 2023
ArchitectureFiberboard | LaminatesFurniture

At Index Fair Mumbai 2023, Canadian Wood showcases its 5 certified wood species

FII, the crown agency of the provincial government of British Columbia (B.C.), widely known as Canadian Wood’s sustainable wood species, actively participated in the Index …

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