water heater

water heater

air to water heat pump installed in outdoor space, convector domestic heat pump
HVAC System

Best heat pump manufacturers/brands in India (+top products)

Innovative climate control solutions in India have found their pioneers in heat pumps, offering efficient temperature regulation with an eco-friendly edge. Amidst India’s diverse climate, …

Rajesh Sachdev
Expert TalkHVAC EquipmentTechnology

Blutherm is redefining the HVAC industry in India with innovative and sustainable solutions: Rajesh Sachdev

Blutherm, a leading provider of innovative heating and ventilation systems, and water filtration solutions in the HVAC industry in India, is rapidly expanding its presence …

Mr. Faizal Kurikkal, MD Kurikkal Ambiente, sustainable building materials, sanitaryware dealers in Calicut
Channel Partner Talk

Retailer Talk (Heating Solutions, Bath Fittings & Sanitaryware Dealers in Calicut) – Kurikkal Ambiente

Retailer Talk with BuildingandInteriors presents an exclusive conversation with Faizal Kurikkal, Managing Director of Kurikkal Ambiente. He is one of the leading sustainable building materials, …

Clage E-compact electronic tankless water heater CEX for kitchen sink and shower
Electric Kitchen AppliancesHome Automation SystemsHVAC System

Clage instantaneous water heaters (from Blutherm): Smart solutions for hot-water needs

When it comes to ensuring a comfortable and convenient supply of hot water in your home, water heaters are a must-have appliance. Today’s water heaters …

Mr. Ketan Doshi, prominent Stiebel Eltron dealers in Hyderabad
Channel Partner Talk

Retailer Talk (Heating Solutions & Sanitary Ware Dealers in Hyderabad) – Bathous

The recent changes in lifestyle have caused significant changes not only to businesses and the economy but also to people’s mindsets. This has eventually made …

Mr. Vishal Khandelwal, Khandelwal Multitrade India, Stiebel Eltron sanitaryware and bathroom fitting dealers in Gurgaon
Channel Partner Talk

Retailer Talk (Heating Solutions, Bath Fittings & Sanitaryware Dealers in Gurgaon) – Khandelwal Multitrade India

In the post-pandemic era, sustainability has risen to the top of this urbanised world’s priority list. The sanitaryware and bathroom fitting industry is now moving …

Clage E-comfort energy efficiency instant water heater DBX available online
Electric Kitchen AppliancesHome Automation SystemsHVAC System

Clage online water heaters (from Blutherm): Redefining hot-water technology

Water heaters are a must-have for every home. Today’s water heaters come with many features, such as online connectivity, energy efficiency, and more, for an …

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