The 1st Ever North American Style Wooden House comes in India; uses Canadian Wood Frame Construction (WFC)

Canadian Wood House India 4
Canadian Wood House India 4

Canadian Wood House India 1


Wooden house is gradually becoming popular in India as resorts in beach locations, hill stations and farmhouses. Especially in areas with infrastructure and access challenges. A growing awareness of the relationship between human health, the environment, and the economy has given rise to the concept of wood frame construction (WFC) in India.




Canadian Wood House India 2




Canadian Wood, in association with Pyramid Timber Associates, inaugurated India’s first wood frame construction (WFC) house in Mysore. The CAD drawing and design services were provided by Ascent CAD Services (ACS) from Hyderabad then modified and further evolved by Pyramid Timber Associates. The exterior and interior of the wooden house features all 5 species (Western hemlock, Spruce-pine-fir, Western red cedar, Yellow cedar and Douglas fir) of Canadian Wood used for various applications and construction of the house.








Wood framing is a system of framing techniques based on optimizing building materials to produce wood-framed buildings with lower material and labor costs than conventionally framed structures. The wooden house is adaptable to all climates ranging from hot and humid to extremely cold climates and is able to meet or exceed code-established levels of fire safety and sound control.




Wood frame construction




Speaking about the project, Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director, FII India ( the company which owns Canadian Wood brand in India) said, ‘It was our pleasure to work with Pyramid timber associates for this project. Wood-frame construction has been the preferred choice of construction for millions of wooden houses in North America. In India, we are experiencing a trend of leading architects and manufacturers of Country Homes, Farmhouses and Villa in the second home category besides hospitality industry increasingly using Canadian Wood in structural applications. FII (Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd) on its part is doing its bit in promoting building with wood through technical support and hand-holding in the T&G (Tongue & Groove), WFC (Wood Frame Construction) and Post & Beam methods of building with wood, besides interior and exterior use of wood in more traditional applications.’






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