TwistFlush – Villeroy & Boch’s innovative flush toilet for more cleanliness & less water consumption

rimlesss toilet flushing with vortex power
rimlesss toilet flushing with vortex power

The revolutionary TwistFlush toilet flush system with vortex power is incredibly water efficient while providing extra clean and hygienic flushing results. The secret is that the patent-pending TwistFlush technology makes use of the physical force of a regulated water vortex to flush practically the whole inside of the toilet bowl while also carrying the waste away. As a result, TwistFlush by Villeroy & Boch uses the flush water considerably more efficiently and saves valuable water each time the flush is used.


Economical yet powerful toilet flush

Conscious resource use is part of a sustainable lifestyle. A TwistFlush toilet, which saves valuable water each time it is used, is a big help here. For a large flush, the toilet only requires 4.5 litres, and for a little flush, only 3 litres. Because the flush is so strong, one flush is generally adequate. A four-person family can save up to 19,700 litres of water per year in this manner. Furthermore, the patent-pending flushing mechanism substantially exceeds industry standards; in accordance with the European EN 997 standard. In a conic bowl, the controlled water vortex provides a very strong pull. It penetrates practically the entire inside of the toilet bowl while effectively removing waste.


Practically brushless and easy to clean

Annoying toilet brushes are a thing of the past. TwistFlush thoroughly flushes the entire inner pan, and the smartly designed bowl with its steep and super smooth walls makes it difficult for dirt to stick. One more hygienic advantage: thanks to the sophisticated rimless shape, a Twist Flush toilet is quick and easy to clean. CeramicPlus and AntiBac make it even cleaner while reducing bacterial growth by 99.9%.


Villeroy & boch toilet flushing system - TwistFlush for luxury bathrooms and rimless toilets
Flush system for optimum flushing performance


Prevents spray and aerosols

The controlled vortex power deploys the flushing water exactly where needed. This prevents spray and significantly reduces the formation of aerosols.


Ultra-quiet toilet flush system

Another benefit is that TwistFlush is much quieter than a conventional flush. The swirling motion of the water into the toilet bowl produces less noise than traditional toilets.

Subway 3.0 TwistFlush meets the DIN 4109 and SIA 181 soundproofing regulations when used in conjunction with ViConnect.

TwistFlush is integrated into the new Subway 3.0 wall-mounted and floor standing-toilets available in White Alpine and Stone White colours.


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