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Canadian wood webinar on sustainable lumber industry and wooden items, furniture manufacturing in India
Canadian wood webinar on sustainable lumber industry and wooden items, furniture manufacturing in India

In order to inform their audience about “Canadian Wood – sustainable, versatile, and legal” wood sourced from sustainably managed forests in British Columbia, Canada, Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., the crown agency of the provincial government of British Columbia (B.C.), also known as Canadian Wood, has announced a webinar. The webinar aims to explore the world of the sustainable lumber industry and ethical ways of manufacturing wooden products and furniture for architectural use in India.

A thought-provoking webinar on the value of managing sustainable forests, legally harvesting wood, and using wood as a versatile resource will be delivered by Canadian Wood. The speakers will focus on several important subjects, such as Canadian wood species and their uses and certifications.


Upcoming webinar for the Indian wooden furniture manufacturing industry


Candian Wood's webinar on lumber industry in India & procurement of sustainable wooden logs for furniture making, manufacturing & marketing on 6th july 2022


Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director for Canadian Wood, will provide a welcoming statement before Mr. Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor for Canadian Wood, and Dr. Jimmy Thomas, Asst. Director for Technical Services for Canadian Wood. Mr. Rambeer Singh Yadav, Assistant Director of Business Development at Canadian Wood, will lead the webinar. Additionally, a Q&A session will also be held after the presentation to address audience questions regarding ethical wooden sourcing and furniture manufacturing best practices.

For the benefit of all life forms, sustainable forestry contributes to preserving and improving the long-term health of forest ecosystems. The renowned Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.) is a global leader in sustainable forest management. Also, it caters to the social, economic, and environmental requirements of both present and future generations.

In recent years, demand for sustainably supplied wood has soared. Especially for wooden furniture manufacturing and architectural use in India. Due to increased awareness of numerous environmental challenges, the lumber industry’s choices for sustainable materials have changed today. So, Canadian wood species which are sustainably farmed and procured from the forests of British Columbia cater to these demands. Thus, Canadian Wood provides an excellent alternative to the local deforestation drive.


The webinar registration period is currently open. So, to register your participation in the webinar on wooden furniture manufacturing, click the link below.

Day & Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Registration link:

Contact: +91 22 492211600

Also, for more information, please get in touch with Mr. Arif Moosa at


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