Bedroom colours: Use this formula to get designer results (49+ ideas)


Who doesn’t want to retreat to a soothing, relaxing and calming space after a long day? Whether it’s the master bedroom or a guest room, the bedroom must exude restful and happy vibes. To get this atmosphere in the bedroom, it’s important that the interiors complement the mood. This is the reason why the combination of the walls, ceilings, and even flooring should be carefully planned while designing your bedroom.

Colours also become pivotal when you want to revamp your bedroom without burning your pockets. Also, if you don’t want a major dramatic change with new bedroom furniture, flooring etc., colours definitely come to the rescue. Simply recolouring the bedroom gives a major facelift to the space.

Through this article, we aim to assist professionals such as Architects, Designers, Decorators, and even homeowners understand the right colour scheme, shades, designs, and combinations for their bedrooms.



How to pick bedroom colours?

Choosing the right bedroom is not as easy as it seems to be. A wrong choice of colours can be disastrous for the look and feel of the room. Thus, you must remain extra cautious and aware of the nuances associated with bedroom colour combinations & designs for walls.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right colours for all bedroom designs.


Colour psychology

Colour Mood
Warm colours Red
  • Raises a bedroom’s energy level.
  • Can stimulate feelings of love, passion, anger, and power.
  • Suggested to raise blood pressure, speed respiration, and increase heart rate.
  • Evokes excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Promotes activity.
  • Captures the joy & warmth of sunshine.
  • Communicates happiness.
  • Associated with love and kindness.
  • Boosts creativity.
Cool colours Green
  • Offers a calming effect.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Said to improve fertility.
  • Soothing.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Slows respiration and heart rate.
  • Darker purple adds sophistication.
  • purple makes the relaxed.
Neutral colours Brown
  • Adds warmth.
  • Common with traditional decor.
  • Brings elegance, beauty, and sophistication.


  • Brings comfort and warmth.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Timeless and classic in lighter shades.
  • Edgy and modern in darker hues.


  • Brings calming effects.
  • Makes the feel more open and spacious.
  • Best used in a small amount as an accent bedroom colors design.
  • Grounds your colour scheme.
  • Gives depth.
  • Gives instant style.
  • Adds extra durability.
  • Promotes excitement and creativity.


Size of the bedroom

The right bedroom colour combinations and designs for walls can easily help you unwind and relax. However, a poor choice of shades can make it look damp, dingy, and claustrophobic. Colours have the ability to invoke positivity in the but when put badly, they can make it distressing.

Moreover, the size of the also governs the choice of colours. So, the first step towards choosing the right colour for your bedroom is by knowing the size of the room.

  1. A bedroom less than 200 sq. ft. is small.
  2. If your bedroom’s size lies between 200 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft., you have a medium-sized bedroom.
  3. A bedroom above 300 sq. ft. is large.

Small bedrooms need colours that make them look larger and more accommodating. Thus, white is the favourite colour of designers for small bedrooms. However, you can mix and match your bedroom walls with a combination of and dark paint colours too. You just have to make sure that your small bedroom only has one accent in a darker shade. Failing to do so might make your look smaller and suffocating.

Medium-sized bedrooms offer flexibility when choosing paint colours. That said, do not overdose on dark colours otherwise, you will end up making your look cramped up. Try balancing colours by complementing dark shades with soft hues.

The sky is the limit with larger bedrooms. You have enough space to experiment and go crazy in a big bedroom. However, using too many bright colours can make the walls feel harsh on the eyes. So, balance is the key! Layer it up and give your bedroom a beautiful makeover with multiple colours, textures, and designs.


Location & direction of the bedroom

In addition to the size of the room, the direction that the faces, and the entry of natural lights must also be taken into consideration while choosing a and scheme for the bedroom.

Read along to know how all of that affects the colour designs and combinations for your bedroom paint.


Colours for North-facing bedrooms

Generally, North-facing bedrooms are cool. These rooms receive indirect sunlight that keeps them cool even on sunny days. So, use warmer colours to balance out the cold temperature. Avoid using shades like grey, blue, lavender, etc. colours for your bedroom design.


Colours for North-facing bedrooms with ample sunlight

Even though North-facing bedrooms do not receive direct sunlight, it doesn’t mean you cannot fix the challenges with huge windows. Having multiple windows in such rooms allows plenty of sun exposure to keep it warm. So, in such bedrooms, you can go with neutral shades such as Malted Milk, Warm Tan, etc.


Colours for North-facing bedrooms with less sunlight

If your doesn’t have enough windows to it up, feel free to opt for bolder colours such as Crimson, Brick Dust, etc.


Colours for East-facing bedrooms

The hues of the bedroom change with the passage of sunlight over time. So, for East-facing rooms, go with clear, sunny, and bright colours that gel well with the morning sunshine and evening dimness.


Colours for East-facing bedrooms with ample sunlight

If your east-facing bedroom has plenty of windows, and neutral colours will do well in it. For instance, you can pair a duck-egg blue colour with a bright white accent wall paint in your bedroom for a classic look.


Colours for East-facing bedrooms with less sunlight

If your has fewer or small windows, maintain the right balance of bright paint colours with complementing decor items for a pleasant vibe.


Colours for South-facing bedrooms

We all love South-facing bedrooms for their warmth and sunlight. However, choosing the right paint colours for such rooms can be daunting. Since such bedrooms experience more changes in natural than any other space, selecting paint colours feels difficult. So, you must look at your choice of colour during a different part of the day to understand all the hues in a full spectrum of sunlight.


Colours for South-facing bedrooms with ample sunlight

You want to avoid bright colours if your has too many windows. So, go for pastel colours or slightly darker shades as these will make the comfortable for the eyes.


Colours for South-facing bedrooms with less sunlight

If your doesn’t receive enough sunlight, use warmer colours. Bright hues will make your more livable and cheerful.


Bedroom colour designs






Nothing radiates joyousness like coral colours in a beautiful room. In darker rooms, it brings brightness. While in dimmer settings, it mimics the muted shade of terra cotta.





Who says this shade is out of fashion? This neutral shade exudes a versatile, warm, and subtle vibe in the bedroom. Also, it brings to mind relaxing long walks on a serene beach vibe.





Linked with the goodness of the natural world, green remains a top choice for bedrooms as it impresses the nurturing qualities of nature in the and makes it feel soothing and relaxed. Also, a combination of pastel and bright green paint colours in the bedroom makes the space look cheerful and calm.





All shades of purple, such as lavender, lilac, etc. make the bedroom restful. Also, elegant purple has recently witnessed a revival in the world. So, now’s the best time to paint it purple!





Speaking of a welcoming vibe, there is no better and warmer colour than orange for it! The joyful tone of orange guarantees an appealing look. However, if you use it -to-wall, the colour might look too overpowering. So, it’s advisable to use the orange colour with a paler paint combination for an exciting yet comfortable bedroom.





Blue bedroom ideas are a big favourite since they have been shown to have a calming impact on the brain, assisting in the preparation for sleep. Don’t hesitate to utilise deeper colours on the walls, even though brighter blues or dramatic accents are more instinctual choices.



Natural colours are a versatile palette that you can use in any setting. The enticing and naturalistic tones of a bedroom add warmth and homeliness to the environment.

Though the name ‘neutral’ is a bit vague, creams, browns, and beiges are hues that come and go with trends – think Nordic aesthetics and rustic bedrooms – and as a colour combination, they’re unrivalled.





Bedroom combinations and designs for walls don’t have to be very reasonable! There’s no getting around it. So, to pull off a yellow bedroom, you must be self-assured. This cheerful tint of yellow will up your mornings.

Invest in a variety of affordable patterned pieces that you can switch out over the seasons to make this colour work for you. In the spring, go for Daffodil hues, then transition to spicy mustards and ochers in the fall.





Consider mustard—a rich, warm, zingy shade with lovely undertones that may seem both earthy and muted or powerful and inviting—before you delete yellow from your colour scheme. While many people avoid using yellow in their houses, a clever application of mustard can produce a unique, reinvigorated look.





Grey bedroom colour combinations and schemes for walls are a common choice since we frequently want to have the same colour palette across our houses.


Bedroom colour combination designs


Lime, green & yellow bedroom colour combination #1


lime green and yellow bedroom
Make your bedroom peppy with these colour combinations

Image Source: Nippon Paint


brown and muted green bedroom colour combination #2


light brown and green paint colour combination for bedroom
A subtle bedroom goes a long way!

Image Source: Nippon Paint


blue and radiant yellow bedroom colour combination #3


Light blue and yellow bedroom paint colour combination
Make your bedroom cool with these cute hues

Image Source: Pinterest


Indigo and white bedroom colour combination #4


Indigo and white wall colour combination for bedroom
An indigo and white combination makes the bedroom calm!

Image Source: Nippon Paint


Green and mellow yellow bedroom colour combination #5


green and yellow bedroom interiors
Can’t get over the pretty shades of yellow and green in this bedroom

Image Source: Nippon Paint


Beige pink with a cool grey bedroom colour combination #6


dark shades of pink and grey
Promote French romance vibes in this Paris apartment-style luxury

Image Source: Family handyman


Brown and cream bedroom colour combination #7


brown and cream room interiors
A classic case of contrasting colours

Image Source: Boca do lobo


Red and white bedroom colour combination #8


designer bedroom
A premium bedroom look in red and white shades

Image Source: Wallpaper Safari


White and orange bedroom colour combination #9


orange and neutral shades with white bed bedroom colour combinations for walls
A bright bedroom wins everyone’s heart!

Image Source: Property Geek


and dark violet bedroom colour combination #10


hues of violet bedroom paint colour combinations for walls
and dark shades of violet make the charming

Image Source: Nippon Paint



The right shade makes the bedroom look serene, comfortable, and beautiful. No matter how many decorative elements you put in the room, the walls, floor, and ceiling still remain the major elements. So, choose your paint for the bedroom wisely and do not settle for anything less than what you desired.

The knowledge of choosing the right paint colours goes a long way! So, understand the requirements of your bedroom. Study the location, size, and brightness of the bedroom before finalizing its colours. In fact, understanding these nuances will not only help you in making the right colour choice but will also help you select the right bed, wardrobe, lighting, and other furniture for the room.

With the above-mentioned detailed information on selecting the right bedroom colors, you are now ready to make a smart decision. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on picking the right colour combinations for your bedroom to make it ethereal.


 *The featured image used in the article is from Serg Ushakov (Behance)




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