Wardrobe designs for fashionably functional wardrobes

white and brown wardrobe design
white and brown wardrobe design

Wardrobe designs with mirrors and different colours for kids and adult bedrooms have come a long way from where they started. Can you imagine a well-designed house without a closet? I think not! Similarly, a bland and lifeless closet is unimaginable as well.

Originally, wardrobes were supposed to serve the functional purpose of containing clothes and other such items. But now, wardrobe interior has become an active industry with newer changes and innovations taking place every day.

In fact, wardrobe ideas no longer remain restricted to aesthetics. On the contrary, the designs regulate the working, functionality, and productivity of the furniture as well.

Wardrobe differs in style, material, functioning, and more.



 Wardrobe designs for bedroom


A wardrobe is technically a piece of storage furniture. Almost every room of the house needs space for the preservation and storage of objects. Therefore, the need for a wardrobe remains quite obvious.

The wardrobe for the bedroom holds great importance. In fact, we cannot imagine a bedroom without a wardrobe.

From our clothes to important documents, we keep a lot of things in our bedroom wardrobe. Hence, it must be spacious, safe, and long-lasting.

Additionally, the wardrobe inside as well as exteriors should complement the home décor theme.

Let’s check out some wonderful wardrobe for bedroom


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Wardrobe for kids room

A wardrobe for kids room has the secrets of your child’s journey from diapers to prizes. In addition to the baby’s essentials such as nappies, clothes, beddings, etc. a kid’s wardrobe also stores toys and later on books, gadgets, and more.


Kids wardrobe images


#1 Kids wardrobe design 


pastel green and yellow closet with white floor and ceiling and blue door
Beautiful pastel colour kids’ wardrobe.

Image Source: Pecansthomedecor


#2 Kids wardrobe design 


white wardrobe designs with comic wallpapers and drawers
White wardrobes with comic wallpapers

Image Source: Ali Express


#3 Kids wardrobe design 


colourful free standing wardrobe designs
Vibrant colours for kids’ wardrobe.

Image Source: Dude Man Art


#4 Kids wardrobe design 


white and green wardrobe designs
White and green wardrobe

Image Source: Micasa Revista


Wardrobe design with dressing table

The wardrobe with dressing table is a common bedroom wardrobe idea. The wardrobe with dressing table stores not only clothes and cosmetics but the mirror wardrobe also lets you get ready comfortably without having to rush here and there.


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Dressing table wardrobe images


#1 Dressing table wardrobe  


hinged wardrobe with three drawers and dressing table in wooden texture
Wooden wardrobe with dressing table.

Image Source: Pepperfry


#2 Dressing table wardrobe  


white mirror wardrobe with dressing table and top and bottom shelves
White mirror wardrobe with dressing table.

Image Source: Bath Bespoke


#3 Dressing table wardrobe  


glass wardrobe with wooden panels with dressing table
Elegant wardrobe with dressing table.

Image Source: Bath Bespoke


#4 Dressing table wardrobe  


white dressing table wardrobe design
Up your dressing game with this stylish dressing table wardrobe.

Image Source: matchness


c. Wardrobe with TV unit

Enhance the functionality of the closet by using a wardrobe with a TV unit. The wardrobe with a TV unit makes it a leisure point along with a piece of storage furniture.


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Wardrobe with TV units images


#1 Wardrobe with TV unit 


grey closet with TV and bottom drawers
Wardrobe with TV unit.

Image Source: HGTVv


#2 Wardrobe with TV unit 


green wardrobe design with TV unit and pullout doors
Beautiful green wardrobe with TV unit.

Image Source: Caccaro


#3 Wardrobe with TV unit 


Stylish white wardrobe design with TV cabinet.
Stylish white wardrobe with TV cabinet.

Image Source: Hoo Residence


#4 Wardrobe with TV unit 


movable wardrobe door with TV
Movable wardrobe door with TV.

Image Source: Ameblo


Wardrobe with mirror

A wardrobe with a mirror makes for an ideal wardrobe idea that is efficient as well as aesthetic. You can install a full-size wardrobe mirror or customize it according to your suitability.


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Mirror wardrobe images


#1 Mirror wardrobe designs


white wardrobe wiith mirror
Efficient mirror wardrobe.

Image Source: Overstock


#2 Mirror wardrobe designs


mirror wardrobe
Mirror wardrobe

Image Source: Fantastic Builtin Wardrobes


#3 Mirror wardrobe designs


chequered grey mirror wardrobe designs
Stylish mirror wardrobe.

Image Source: Decorated Life


#4 Mirror wardrobe designs


wooden wardrobe designs with mirror
Rustic look wooden mirror wardrobe.

Image Source: Mega Mobel


Wardrobe with study table

A wardrobe with study table is an exceptionally useful foldable storage furniture item. For a student’s room, a wardrobe with study table definitely remains an ideal wardrobe idea.

You can fold the study table when not in use. Thus, you can solve the problems of space crunch with this unique wardrobe with study table.


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Wardrobe with study table images


#1 Wardrobe with study table design


white wardrobe designs with a study table in between two hinged closet
Ideal study space between two beautiful wardrobes.

Image Source: Dering Hall


#2 Wardrobe with study table design


brown wardrobe designs with single door and study table with white chair
Space-saving wardrobe with study table setup.

Image Source: Apex carpentryllc

#3 Wardrobe with study table design


Blue wardrobe with left side study table set up and vibrant orange chair
Undisturbed studies with this smart wardrobe with a study table set up.

Image Source: Cote Maison


#4 Wardrobe with study table design


white and blue wardrobe designs with study table
Wardrobe colour combinations with study table.

Image Source: Amazon


Walk-in wardrobe designs

Walk-in wardrobes are quite different from conventional wardrobes. If you do not want to consume your bedroom’s space with wardrobes, get custom walk-in wardrobes.

Going bespoke is the only way to go with walk-in wardrobes.

If sparing a complete room is possible, convert it into a customized walk-in wardrobe. However, you can also extend your original bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe.

The best thing about walk-in wardrobes is that you can utilize awkward spaces of the room in your closet.


Walk-in wardrobe images


#1 Walk-in wardrobe designs


huge walk-in closet with a dressing table set up and stools
Lavish walk-in wardrobe.

Image Source: Inverse Group


#2 Walk-in wardrobe designs


white walk-in wardrobe designs on both sides with front dressing table set up
Subtle walk-in wardrobe.

Image Source: est living


#3 Walk-in wardrobe designs


Light blue and white walk-in wardrobe designs with a wall mirror on one side
A pleasant wardrobe colour combination for a walk-in wardrobe.

Image Source: Renonation


#4 Walk-in wardrobe designs


walk in wardrobe designs with a centre round sitting area.
Elegant walk-in wardrobe.

Image Source: Wattpad

Sliding wardrobe designs

Sliding wardrobes offer storage space without consuming too much bedroom area. These sliding wardrobes make functional and stylish the latest wardrobes.

The wardrobe doors remain fixed in channels at the top and bottom. Thus, the frame moves along the track, horizontally.

These sliding wardrobes offer wardrobe accessibility without any movement restrictions in the room.


Sliding wardrobe images


#1 Sliding wardrobe designs


black sliding wardrobe with asymmetrical mirror on one side
Play with geometrical patterns in this sliding wardrobe.

Image Source: Pinterest AU


#2 Sliding wardrobe designs


blue and grey glossy sliding wardrobe for bedroom
Shine with the glossy finish sliding wardrobe for bedroom.

Image Source: ECF Ltd / VOLANTE Sliding Doors


#3 Sliding wardrobe designs


three finish sliding wardrobe door
Add creativity with multiple finishes of the wardrobe door.

Image Source: Aeshtetix Furniture


#4 Sliding wardrobe designs


white and grey sliding wardrobe designs with side shelf
Enhance functionality with corner shelf with sliding wardrobe for bedroom.

Image Source: Blogspot


Wardrobe designs for multiple wardrobe doors

The wardrobe doors not only enhance the look of the wardrobe but also increase its functionality. According to the needs and requirements of the users, the wardrobe doors are added.

The most common wardrobes have 2 doors. However, the latest wardrobe ideas also include 3 doors and 4 doors. Wardrobes with multiple doors increase the wardrobe room; thus, giving more space for storage.

Let’s look at some beautiful wardrobes based on the number of doors.


2 door wardrobe design

The 2 doors wardrobes remain the most conventional wardrobes for rooms. These wardrobes mostly have two hinged doors or sliding wardrobe doors.


2 door wardrobe images


2 door wardrobe design #1


sliding closet in black colour with brown patterns
Latest wardrobe with sliding doors.

Image Source: Pepperfry


2 door wardrobe design #2


white closet with bottom drawers for bedroom
White modern wardrobe looks beautiful in front of a dark wall.

Image Source: Wayfair


2 door wardrobe design #3


white and grey unique design free-standing closet
Free-standing closet in a unique look.

Image Source: Rachael Ray


2 door wardrobe design #4


white closet with golden lights and designer handle
Luxurious look wardrobe with golden wardrobe handles.

Image Source: imgur



3 door wardrobe designs

A 3 door wardrobe offers ample storage space. This kind of wardrobe has more wardrobe shelves; therefore, more storage.

Moreover, you can also use 1 of the 3 door wardrobe as a dressing unit.


3 door wardrobe designs images


3 door wardrobe design #1


black 3 door closet with bottom drawers for bedroom
Dark wardrobe colours look wonderful with light wall paints.

Image Source: Wayfair


3 door wardrobe design #2



grey closet doors with brown wooden body
Stylish latest wardrobe for 3 doors.

Image Source: Amazon


3 door wardrobe design #3


wooden closet with 3 doors and center mirror
Modern wardrobe for 3 doors with mirror.

Image Source: Choice Furniture Superstore


3 door wardrobe design #4


dark blue closet with golden handles
Luxury look for the latest wardrobe with 3 doors.

Image Source: inhonorofdesign


4 door wardrobe design

Usually used by couples, a 4 doors wardrobe offers the space of two conventional wardrobes. You can install wardrobe drawers in the lower half of the 4 doors wardrobe.


4 door wardrobe images


4 door wardrobe design #1


4 door wooden closet with sliding doors
Natural look modern wardrobe for sliding doors.

Image Source: Direct doors


4 door wardrobe design #2


multi-coloured wardrobe deisng in black, beige, white, and cream colours
Dazzle your space with multi-coloured wardrobe ideas.

Image Source: Go Modern


4 door wardrobe design #3


green closet with two doors on each side and a hanging section in the middle
Unique wardrobe with 4 doors.

Image Source: Lawis Alderson & Co


4 door wardrobe design #4


4 door closet in grey colour with mirror doors and bottom drawers
Sober wardrobe with mirror.

Image Source: Wayfair


5 door wardrobe design

A 5 doors wardrobe doesn’t seem too usual. However, it gives a distinctive look to the space. You can use the middle door as your dressing section. Install a wardrobe mirror and transform your normal wardrobe into a wardrobe with dressing.


5 door wardrobe images


5 door wardrobe design #1


blue closet with minimalist look
Go minimalist with this blue wardrobe.

Image Source: IDAW


5 door wardrobe design #2


5 doors closet space for clothes in brown colours
Modern wardrobe for clothes and other essentials.

Image Source: Aeon Habitat

5 door wardrobe design #3


black wardrobe with 5 doors and bottom drawers
Black for the win! Stylish wardrobe idea.

Image Source: Online Furniture India


5 door wardrobe design #4


5 door wooden closet with big bottom drawers
Spacious 5 door wardrobe.

Image Source: Snapdeal


6 door wardrobe design

A 6 door wardrobe is installed in relatively bigger spaces. It serves as more than just a wardrobe closet for clothes. You get an unimaginable wardrobe room in a 6 door wardrobe.


6 door wardrobe images


6 door wardrobe design #1


blue closet with 6 doors and huge bottom drawers
Luxury look wardrobe ideas for ample space.

Image Source: bathbespoke


6 door wardrobe design #2


BLACK six door wardrobe design
Robust black 6 door wardrobe idea.

Image Source: Cigalkaplan Interiors


6 door wardrobe design #3


brown and white wardrobe design
Full-length spacious latest wardrobe idea.

Image Source: Deavita

6 door wardrobe design #4


blue and white closet with 6 doors and golden handles
Modern wardrobe for the royalty.

Image Source: Amazon


Wardrobe colour designs

There was a time when wardrobe colours came in limited options. The only two options available were wooden wardrobes or steel wardrobes.

However, today, you get endless options when it comes to picking the wardrobe colours, textures, finishes, and wardrobe ideas.  That said, with more wardrobe colour options comes more confusion.

Here are a few tips to choose the right wardrobe colours for your room:

  1. If you have loud, colourful walls, choose a subtle shade of wardrobe colour with a minimalist wardrobe for a sober look.
  2. For smaller rooms, use white wardrobe colours as they offer a sense of spaciousness.
  3. If your room interiors are too simple, use mixed wardrobe colour combinations in unique wardrobe and patterns.
  4. Harmonize your interiors with solid wardrobe colours.
  5. You can never go wrong with wood. So, when in doubt, choose a wooden wardrobe colour.
  6. Get digital wallpapers for your kid’s wardrobe.
  7. If you already have a piece of statement furniture in your room, go for a subtle wardrobe.

Wardrobe colour images


#1 Wardrobe colour design


light pink and golden wall-mount closet.
Give a cheerful vibe to your space with this modern wardrobe.

Image Source: Reform


#2 Wardrobe colour design


green and blue steel wardrobe with a small drawer
Transform a basic steel wardrobe with subtle colours.

Image Source: House Doctor


#3 Wardrobe colour design


grey patterned closet for bedroom
Different shades of grey for this wardrobe.

Image Source: Behance

#4 Wardrobe colour design


blue closet with wooden decorative corner decorated with indoor plants and lights.
Textured blue wardrobe with a decorative corner.

Image Source: Behance


#5 Wardrobe colour design


white, pink, yellow, blue, and brown wardrobe colours with ceiling lights
Different bright wardrobe colours for a quirky space.

Image Source: Atelier Antipode


#6 Wardrobe colour design


tree branches and birds wallpaper on a white closet
Use wardrobe wallpapers for a latest wardrobe.

Image Source: The Karighars


#7 Wardrobe colour design


black and golden closet with bottom drawer
Stylish black and gold wardrobe colour.

Image Source: Colour Stephanie Cohen



Wardrobe interior design

All of us want customized modular wardrobe. In addition to beautiful wardrobe door and exteriors, we also have to consider the wardrobe interior to get the perfect wardrobe.

A good wardrobe interior must offer maximum storage space. Therefore, you must organize your wardrobe with proper shelves, wardrobe drawers, wardrobe pull-outs, shoe racks, and wardrobe lights.


How to maximize wardrobe interior space?


Calculate the total space for wardrobe 

Measure the available space for wardrobe. You can install one double section per meter. 1 double section implies a wardrobe compartment with two doors. So, for instance, if you have 3-meter wall space, you can fit a wardrobe with three compartments and 6 doors.

After this calculation, create a wardrobe interior according to your requirements.


brown empty wooden closet
Durable and accurately measured wardrobe.

Image Source: Civil Engineering Discoveries


Add wardrobe drawers and shelves

Pull-out wardrobe drawers and shelves offer great storage space. You can utilize the bottom part of the wardrobe as pull-out shoe racks.

Small and big drawers can be used to store underclothes, documents, among other things.


white closet with multiple drawers and shelves
Voguish white wardrobe with multiple shelves and drawers.

Image Source: POP SUGAR


Illuminate with wardrobe lights 

Illuminating the wardrobe interior is always a great idea. Use wardrobe lights of different types such as LED strip lights, ribbon lighting, and more to make it easier for you to navigate your wardrobe space and find stuff.


different wardrobe lights for different areas of the closet
Use different wardrobe lights for each space.

Image Source: Contemporist


Don’t shy away from columns for wardrobe 

Huge drawers are best for the topmost part of the wardrobes where you put items that are seldomly used such as suitcases, beddings, etc.

Generally, the wardrobe interior has hanging space on the upper half and shelves at the bottom. But you can customize your wardrobe by adding columns of shelves if you need more space for your folded clothes.


brown wardrobe carcass with sliding glass door
Add more wardrobe shelves for your folded clothes.

Image Source: Head2Bed


Secret wardrobe mirror

If you do not want to place a mirror on your wardrobe door, you can fix the mirror at the back of the wardrobe door. This not just enhances the functionality but also creates an illusion of a bigger wardrobe interior.


Mirror wardrobe door for a white coloured closet
d Mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door. TW Bespoke

Image Source: TW Bespoke


Personal pull-out dresser/ shoe rack

You can use a dressing table wardrobe to up your wardrobe game and also save space. However, if you want more space-saving elements in your closet, you can install a pull-out dresser. It rests inside the wardrobe interior; thus, consuming very limited space.


pull out cabinet for closet
Pull-out shoe rack for space-saving wardrobe.

Image Source: Next Luxury


Wardrobe designs do not have to be predictable anymore. Gone are the days when we used to settle with boring wardrobes. The wardrobes of today come in distinctive colours, materials, functionality, and style.

The wardrobe accessories include wardrobe mirrors, wardrobe with dressing table, wardrobe with study table, wardrobe lights, and much more. For a student, a wardrobe with study table seems like an ideal choice. Similarly, for an adult, a wardrobe with a dressing table or a wardrobe with mirror makes for a perfect wardrobe.

Additionally, according to your utility needs, choose the number of wardrobe doors. If you want a wardrobe set for two, go for a wardrobe 4 door or a wardrobe 5 door. However, if you need a wardrobe for individual use, you can always consider 1 door or 2 doors wardrobes.

For bigger spaces, 6 door and walk-in wardrobes also make great options.

A wardrobe determines the look and feel of the space in addition to offering functionality.  Therefore, decide your wardrobes wisely.

This article contains all the common and unique wardrobe models available in the market. Moreover, these have immense scope for customization and personalization. So, you can select your preferred wardrobe style with relevant accessories for your need.


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