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a picture wall over a wooden table with different varieties of photo frames


Photos are frozen memories printed on paper. Thus, each photo is special and needs the right treatment to survive the wrath of time. Even with the advent of digital technology, photo frames are still as relevant as they were decades ago. A photo frame is basically a framing structure that holds and encases our photos. Photo frames are one of the most popular decor items because they are available online in a variety of designs, budgets, and sizes. However, if the photo frame design is not proper, it can end up ruining the photo and your room’s aesthetics. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a range of the most elegant photo frames, from wall collages to poster frames, all available online. So, keep reading to find the best photo frame for your interiors and learn a few tips to turn your frames into artwork. 




Our top photo frame design recommendations (Buy online!)


Fab India Ihita cutwork golden frame

B U Y  H E R E 


H&M gold metal frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Marks & Spencer Emelie silver beaded frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Pernia’s Pop-up Shop Carrisa wooden frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Jaypore Kara brown wooden frame

B U Y  H E R E 


House of Sajja white wood carving photo frame 

B U Y  H E R E 


Merci Dehradun Lismore frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Marigold Stores sparkling clear crystal frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Pooja Box curved glass frame

B U Y  H E R E 


The Pillow Company metropolitan brown leather frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Ebstore Leatherette frame

B U Y  H E R E 


The Leather Garden oak sangria frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Nestasia vintage ceramic frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Home Artisan Chrishell agate frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Versace black porcelain picture frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Wall Mantra white collage photo frame set

B U Y  H E R E 


Home Centre Corsica black frame

B U Y  H E R E 


Taggd Butterfly frame

B U Y  H E R E


Archies Mini frame

B U Y  H E R E


Modern Quest infinity sqround frame

B U Y  H E R E


Holly Hock octagon tabletop frame

B U Y  H E R E


Home Centre Sepia folding frame 

B U Y  H E R E


IKEA KNOPPÄNG poster frames

B U Y  H E R E


Aapki Marzi minimal Japanese poster frame

B U Y  H E R E


Beruru wooden picture frame

B U Y  H E R E


Mora Taara white collage mat photo frame

B U Y  H E R E


Tanotis bead portrait frame with white mat

B U Y  H E R E


Ubuy satin black frame with seashell mat

B U Y  H E R E


Ali Express double-side glass wall hanging frame

B U Y  H E R E


Modern Quests exhibit photo display set

B U Y  H E R E


Myntra white and blue wall frame

B U Y  H E R E


Nestasia contemporary floating frame

B U Y  H E R E


Modern Quests Phantom frame

B U Y  H E R E


Khirki acrylic floating frame

B U Y  H E R E


Indic Inspirations Preamble wall frame

B U Y  H E R E


Printo Certificates frame

B U Y  H E R E


Ubuy Diploma frame

B U Y  H E R E


Door To Home Jharokha and carving wall decorative frame

B U Y  H E R E


Shopps Flamingo decor frame

B U Y  H E R E


Wonder Wheel Store handcrafted knotted picture frame

B U Y  H E R E


Wall Mantra wall of memories collage photo frame

B U Y  H E R E


Gingercrush wall collage photo frame & grid

B U Y  H E R E


Wall Mantra family collage photo frame

B U Y  H E R E


Nestasia vintage round frame

B U Y  H E R E


Umbra infinity photo frame medium

B U Y  H E R E


The Baby Trunk circular leather embroidered frame

B U Y  H E R E


Price list of photo frames available online – An overview


Brand Product MRP
Fabindia Fabindia Ihita frame 1,299
H&M H&M metal frame 1,999
Marks & Spencer Marks & Spencer Emelie frame 799
Pernia’s Pop-up Shop Pernia’s Pop-up Shop Carrisa wooden frame 1,850
House of Sajja  House of Sajja photo frame 845
Merci Merci Lismore frame 14,845
Marigold Stores Marigold Stores sparkling clear crystal frame 1,200
Pooja Box Pooja Box curved glass frame 999
The Leather Garden The Leather Garden sangria frame 3,550
Nestasia Nestasia ceramic frame 1,450
Home Artisan Home Artisan Chrishell frame 3,290
Versace Versace Blackporcelain frame 41,200
Home Centre Home Centre Corsica graphite frame 599
Holly Hock Holly Hock Octagon tabletop frame 1,299
Home Centre Home Centre Sepia dual folding frame 499
KNOPPÄNG KNOPPÄNG garden poster frame 1,290
Aapki Marzi Aapki Marzi Japanese poster frame 749
Beruru Beruru wooden frame 2,352
Mora Taara Mora Taara triple photo frame 1,250
Tanotis Tanotis mat portrait frame  3,070
Modern Quests Modern Quests photo display set 4,995
Random Random individual photo frame 1,499
Nestasia Nestasia floating frame 1,240
Modern Quests Modern Quests Phantom photo frame 3,495
Khirki Khirki acrylic floating frame 1,799
Indic Inspirations Indic Inspirations preamble wall frame 2,180
Printo Printo framed certificates 588
ASmileIndeep ASmileIndeep document frame 2,997
Door To Home Door To Home Jharokha decorative frame 4,599
Shopps Shopps metal decor frame 14,688
Wonder Wheel Store Wonder Wheel Store macrame cotton hanging photo frame 700
Wall Mantra Wall Mantra wall of memories photo frame 16,999
Gingercrush Gingercrush abstract photo holder wall grid 1,999
Wall Mantra Wall Mantra photo frame collage 2,999
Nestasia Nestasia vintage round photo frame 2,850
Umbra Umbra infinity photo frame 2,295
The Baby Trunk The Baby Trunk circular leather embroidered frame 4,950


Types of photo frames

The variety in photo frames is infinite. However, we have tried to classify the frames on the basis of two criteria- their materials and the display function. Photo frames are made from so many different materials, but the below-discussed ones are used more popularly than others. Similarly, photo frames are such versatile decor items they can be used in a display in any which way. Therefore, we have tried to organise the types based on popular varieties available in the Indian market.


On the basis of materials


Metallic frames


Golden metallic picture frame

Image Source: Nestasia


Metal photo frames are a great choice if you are looking for something sturdy and classy. Metal frames with gold and silver finish not only look sophisticated but also have a long service life. These types of frames are available in all display settings, from tabletop to wall hanging. Recently, metal photo frames have made a strong comeback with Pinterest.


Wooden frames


Wooden picture frames on the beige coloured wall of the living room with a sofa set having throw pillows on it and center table in the middle containing flower vase and other decorative items.
Natural wood picture frame

Image Source: Dessineart.com


Wooden photo frames are the oldest way of framing pictures, and these are still a popular choice. The wooden frame adds a natural aesthetic to your photos. These are available in so many different shades and designs. The versatility of wood is the reason we can see so many different kinds of wooden frames in the market, ranging from simple to intricate carvings, engravings, and bamboo photo frames.


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Crystal frames


Crystal picture frame

Image Source: Cashs Ireland


Crystal or clear glass for picture frames is a comparatively new addition. However, now the markets are flooded with different shapes, sizes, designs, and tints of crystal picture frames. The crystal photo frames are just gorgeous! These frames are also a great option for gifting, but since the nature of the material is fragile, a lot of care is to be taken while handling it. 


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Leather frames


yellow and grey coloured leather frames online for pictures on a white table beside a black book
Leather frames for pictures

Image Source: Fynd


Leather photo frames are not that common; nonetheless, these look very premium. These frames can survive the wrath of time and keep your photos in good condition for a long time. However, leather frames might not blend with all types of interior themes, therefore, choose one very wisely. 


Ceramic frames


Pastel pink coloured ceramic picture frame beside some decorative flowers
Ceramic picture frame

Image Source: etsy.com


If you are someone who loves art, then ceramic photo frames are for you! These photo frames come in different textures, designs, and colours and can even be handpainted. Handpainted ceramic frames make for amazing personalised gifts. However, these frames should be handled with care as they crack easily. 


Plastic frames


Plastic picture frame for your corner table

Image Source: Ubuy


Among all categories, frames made out of plastic are the cheapest and most lightweight. These are easily available and come in great variety. Plastic frames are easy to maintain and can be moved easily from one place to another. However, plastic frames of low quality can look cheap and ruin the room’s aesthetics. These frames are ideal for kids’ rooms. 


On the basis of design and display


Tabletop frames


Flower motif tabletop metal frame

Image Source: Nestasia


As the name suggests, tabletop photo frames are displayed on top of a table. These have support at the back of the frame to hold the structure upright. Some tabletop frames come with adjustable back support to manage the reclining angle of the frame. A tabletop photo frame is displayed on the side table or on top of the chests. You can even put one on your work desk. Our choice for the best tabletop photo frame is given above.


Poster frames


Gallery poster frames on the green walls of the living room with a sofa set with cushions on it and window curtains beside the posters
Plant poster frames for your drawing room

Image Source: Nook at you


Poster frames are frames that are larger than normal photographs. If you are someone who loves collecting posters or owns a vintage poster, now is the time to add poster frames to your decor list. Poster frames not only make your room refined but also preserve your posters from dust and humidity. Also, poster frames save your wall from all the damage caused by sticking posters with tape or glue! On our list, you’ll get the finest poster photo frames you can find online.


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Photo frames with mat


White mat collage photo frames on the walls of the living room along with a sofa set with cushions on them and an indoor plant on the side table
White mat collage photo frames for your drawing room

Image Source: The White Company


Picture frames that come with a mat design inside to border your photographs are just so vintage! Often these frames have space to add more photos than one, so the mat neatly separates the photos and holds them in place. If the mat in the frame is of good quality, it will also protect the edges of your photographs. Frames with mats mostly come in neutral colours to suit all types of photographs and art.


Hanging frames


Hanging photo frames on top of a console table with a flower vase and planter on it
Hanging picture frames

Image Source: Etsy


A hanging photo frame comes with little hooks which enable us to hang the frame on a wall. Now, the hanging hardware comes in tons of variety, from thread hangers to hooks. You can use a collection of hanging frames to create a photo gallery wall design. It is wise always to check the hook strength before if the frame is heavy or made up of glass to avoid accidents. These hanging photo frames, available for online purchase, can certainly uplift the ambience of your room.


Floating frames


white with golden border floating frames on white walls
White with golden border floating frames on white walls

Image Source: West Elm


A floating picture frame creates the illusion of just the photograph hanging on the wall. The gap between the frame and the picture is clear and unnoticeable. The photo is inserted between the clear layers of the frame and hung on a wall without any hardware visible. Floating frames are a great pick if the picture you are displaying is dramatic and colourful. Choose any or all of the above-given floating frames to make your photographs stand out! 


Document frames


Document frame on the wall with a console table in front of it and a table lamp on it
Document frames for your study room

Image Source: Amazon


A document frame is quite an essential accessory for office decor these days. Framing your precious degrees and certificates has been a long trend. Thus, to preserve and display your hard-earned papers, you need to frame them proudly. Choose classic neutral colours like black or brown and simple designs for your document frames.


Decorative frames


Decorative frames on a console table
Decorative frames on a wooden console table

Image Source: Arhaus


Decorative picture frames are elaborate decor pieces. Unlike regular frames, these may come with prints, quotes, engraving, or little 3D elements to attract attention. Decorative frames are statement photograph frames. Also, these frames are great gifting options for your friends and family. We’ve included some beautiful decorative photo frames you can use for displaying pictures or display them on their own, buy them online now!


Collage frames


Collage frames on the walls of a drawing room with a home theatre, camera, books, and an indoor plant on a console table
Collage frames on the walls of your living room

Image Source: IKEA


Why pick only one picture to display when you can create a whole wall album with collage design photo frames? In recent years, the trend of displaying pictures as collages has grown. Collage photo frames are, basically, multiple frames attached as one display unit. Unlike hanging photo frames, making a gallery wall with these is easy since it requires hanging just once. While with each hanging frame, you would have to repeat the process of hanging several times. Above given are a few great collage photo frames, available for online purchase for your living room or stairway wall. 


Round frames


Flower designed round frame on a console table

Image Source: Nestasia


As the name suggests, round frames are circular or oval-shaped picture frames that encase our photographs. Since most available frames are rectangular or square in shape, round picture frames create interesting visuals and demand attention from viewers. However, fitting a photograph in a round frame is tricky, you might have to fold or cut off the edges of your photograph to fit it. Our list has a few gorgeous round photo frames for your photographs, available for online purchase. 


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How to choose the right photo frame for your home interiors?


How to position and hang your photo frames the right way.
Hang your photo frames the right way!

Image Source: Beyondthepicth.net


Available space

Firstly, determine the area you want to display the photograph, and depending on the space available and the photograph size, choose the frame. Make sure to consider the viewing distance; if the room is narrow, choose a combination of smaller frames or just one large frame to avoid crowding the space. 


Frame colour

The colour scheme of the frame, mat, and photograph plays a crucial part in the outcome of the display. Clashing-loud colours of the frame, mat, and photograph will make the space chaotic and unappealing. So, follow the dark frame-light mat rule for a professional display look. Additionally, always maintain the colour differences between the wall and frame to make the display pop out.


Decor theme

A photo frame is an important part of your room decor, thus, select the frame that easily blends with your other decor items and the overall vibe of your space. The colour tone, design, material, texture, and finished look of the photo frame should match your room’s aesthetics to create a sense of continuity. 


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Frame thickness

Frame thickness is a factor that can make or break the photograph’s look. The selection of frame thickness is to be done while keeping in mind the content of the photograph you want to display. A photograph with many people or dramatic content looks great with thin frames, while a portrait with a single focus requires a thick frame.


Frame size

The size selection of a photo frame is a crucial step for creating the perfect picture display. The size of photo frames is determined by the image you intend to display in them. It’s essential to consider the available space in your home and where you plan to place them. Here is a simple table to help you get the correct dimension of your frame as well as your photograph.


Image dimensions Frame dimensions
4×6 6×8, 8×10
5×7 8×10, 11×14
8×10 11×14, 12×14
16×20 20×24, 24×28
20×30 24×36
22×32 30×40



Choose a photo frame that complements the style of your home. If your home has a modern look, go for a sleek and minimalistic frame. If your home has a more traditional feel, choose a frame with ornate details and decorative accents.



Photo frames come in different price ranges, from inexpensive to luxurious. Determine your budget and choose a frame that fits within it.



Wall art and colour

Consider the existing wall art and colour scheme in your home when choosing a photo frame. Select a frame that complements and enhances the overall aesthetic of the space.


Ceiling height

The size of the photo frame should be proportional to the height of the ceiling. If you have high ceilings, consider larger frames to fill the space, while smaller frames may be more suitable for lower ceilings.



Photo frames come in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, ceramic, and plastic. Consider the style and decor of your home when selecting a frame material. For example, if you have a traditional decor style, a wooden frame may be more appropriate.


By considering these factors, you can choose the perfect photo frame online that enhances the beauty of your home interiors while also reflecting your personal style and preference.


Perks of buying from B&I’s list

Our collection of photo frame designs has been carefully selected online to enhance the visual appeal of your home. Whether you’re in search of a tabletop or floating frame for your hallway or bedroom, you’ll find a wide range of options on our list. Our selection includes a diverse selection of contemporary photo frame designs, such as posters and collages, as well as wooden and ceramic choices. These options have been expertly recommended, are budget-friendly, and require minimal maintenance.


5 interesting ways to use photo frames for wall decor


Living room wall gallery

A wall adorned with tons of photo frames encasing your memories and artwork is all you need to create a statement wall gallery! Mismatched frame sizes, uniform frames placed as grids, colour blasts, or monochrome shades are some of the themes you can choose for your living room wall gallery. Check out these inspirations before you design your photo frame wall collage gallery. 



Memorylane for stairways

Stairways, passageways, and entryways are narrow paths that allow little scope for decorating. However, you can turn your empty passageways into exciting memory lane with pictures of your family in chronological order or even display your certificates and achievements! Below attached are our favourite stairways and passageway display ideas.



Shelf exhibition

Arrange your photo frames on elongated floating shelves to create a calm and neat exhibition. Placing photo frames on shelves is extremely smart since you can also arrange them with some fragrant candles, flower vases, or plants. With a shelf photo frame exhibition, you can enlarge the display by adding more shelves and making the whole thing more elaborate in style. You can use the following pictures for reference. 



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Botanical displays

This Pinterest trend of framing dried leaves and flowers is all over the internet, and we are loving it. Collect unique leaves and flowers and display them in dainty hanging frames to create interesting visuals in your space. These look great in the living room and even the bedroom, so add botanical displays to your interior to add some sophistication. Look at these amazing photo frames with dried vegetation!



Vertical arrangements 

Instead of covering the whole wall with photo frames, you can also opt for a minimal approach with a vertical frame arrangement. These arrangements are perfect for telling stories or narrating events in a chronology. The vertical arrangement of the photo frame looks elegant and does not cover the whole wall, thus really easy to curate. Explore the aesthetic vertical photo frame arrangements below.



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Watch this video: Gallery Walls | The Do’s and Don’ts! (13 minutes 13 seconds)




What are the best photo frames for formal photos?

For formal photos, it’s best to choose classic and simple photo frames that won’t distract from the photo itself. Black, white, or silver frames in a traditional or modern style are ideal. Avoid frames with too many embellishments or colours that may clash with the photo’s tone.


Which photo frames are the best for casual photos?

For casual photos, it’s best to choose frames that reflect the photo’s mood and style. Lighter or brighter colours and frames with fun and playful designs work well. Wooden frames, frames with natural textures, or frames with unique shapes can add a touch of personality to the photo display.


How to choose the right photo frame size?

To choose the right photo frame size, consider the size of the photo itself and where you plan to display it. The frame should be slightly larger than the photo to provide a border but not too large that it overwhelms the photo. Consider the aspect ratio of the photo and choose a frame with the same ratio for a proportional fit.


How to clean basic picture frames?

To clean basic picture frames, remove the photo and use a soft cloth or feather duster to remove any dust or debris gently. For stubborn stains, use a mixture of mild soap and water or a glass cleaner for glass frames. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the frame or photo.


How to clean the picture frame glass?

To clean the picture frame glass, use a soft, lint-free cloth and a cleaning solution specifically designed for glass surfaces. Spray the solution onto the cloth rather than directly onto the glass to avoid dripping onto the frame. Gently wipe the glass in a circular motion, being careful not to apply too much pressure.


How do you arrange a gallery wall?

To arrange a gallery wall, first, choose a cohesive theme or colour scheme for the frames and artwork. Lay out the frames on the floor to experiment with different configurations before hanging them on the wall. Consider varying the frame sizes and artwork orientation for visual interest, and use a level and measuring tape for accuracy.



Photographs are special to us because they record our sweetest memories, and looking at them makes us feel warm and blessed. Thus, it is only right to give them the attention that they need by framing them in pretty photo frames. The photo frames not only make the picture look neater and professional but also make your home more welcoming for your guests. If done right, a frame can truly transform your photograph into an artwork. So, do not shy away from adding photo frames with different designs to all your rooms! However, do not forget to keep the basics in mind while choosing your frame. All photo frames discussed and listed above for online purchase are unique in terms of their design and materials. So, pick any photo frame from the above-curated list and display your best memories in your home or office!


*The featured image used in the article is from Ikea.com



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