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Every detail counts when it comes to designing a bathroom. As a result, we should pay attention to more than only furniture and ceramics. It’s also important to think about the bathroom fittings you choose, as they’re designed to last a long time. It can be both a useful and a decorative part of the interior. And, thanks to ever-innovative technology, it allows for reduced water and energy use. Also, here you can buy bathroom fittings online at wholesale price from the list of the best brands.

The design of a bathroom fitting is the most important aspect to consider. Other significant advantages include consistent performance, durability, functional solutions, and ease of use, in addition to its appealing design.

At the same time, we frequently put off purchasing fittings until the last minute. The purchase is then made in a rush, with little thinking given to it. As a result, it’s best to consider the type of fitting while selecting interior furnishings and accessories.

By doing so, we will surely find the perfect model that matches the bathroom design and remains compatible with individual preferences. At the same time, the fitting remains ecological and economical.



Types of Bathroom fittings

bathroom fittings online from best brands at great price list
Health Faucet


  1. Faucets
  2. Heath faucets
  3. Showers
  4. Angle valve
  5. Cistern
  6. Wall mixer
  7. Flush valve
  8. Floor drain
  9. Shower cubicle
  10. Diverter, and more


How to choose the right bathroom fittings?

Compatibility with the sanitaryware and plumbing

If you already know what sort of tap is best for your home, you can consider other factors that will help you make a wise decision. To begin with, the fittings must be the same size as the plumbing fixtures, such as a sink or bathtub. For instance, both too small and overly large taps are inconvenient and can even obstruct daily tasks. This combo will likewise be extremely unattractive.


Sticking to the theme of the bathroom

The bathroom fittings should be in keeping with the overall design of the bathroom. The fittings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from round with delicate lines to very geometric with sharp edges and flat surfaces. The former is appropriate for traditional interiors, while the latter is appropriate for contemporary bathroom designs.


Plan Your Budget

Setting a budget is critical since it allows you to find things that are both affordable and appropriate for your bathroom. It will be easy to judge if you obtain something out of your budget that is money worth if you have a planned budget. You wouldn’t have to spend any more money because you already know how much you can spend. As a result, it’s critical to plan ahead of time in order to acquire high-quality, reasonably priced bathroom fixtures.


Bathroom fitting brands in India

You can buy the best products from any of the premium bathroom fitting brands at great price ranges from the list online.

  1. Villeroy & Boch
  2. Jayna
  3. Jaquar
  4. Hansgrohe
  5. Toto
  7. Kohler
  8. Grohe
  9. Hafele
  10. RAK
  11. Duravit
  12. Roca (Parryware)
  13. Cera
  14. Somany

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