55+ Unique window design inspirations for your modern home

the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house


What function do you believe a window has in a home’s curb appeal? These are important components of any structure that allows natural light and air to pass through. The house‘s appeal is boosted by the design and style of the windows. Due to shifting architecture and house design trends, windows have come a long way from traditional Victorian grills to modern minimalist designs in glass and wood. Their goal of brightening and enriching the interiors, nevertheless, has not changed. There are many different window styles and patterns to pick from. Thus, understanding your budget, requirements, and architectural style is critical when choosing a window design.

So, keep reading to explore 56 unique window designs for your house in various styles and materials ranging from glass, grill, and wood.


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Window design #1


Windmill window


the most interesting & practical designs in glass or wood for your house
Windmill-inspired round window with shutters

Image Source:  Fábio Galeazzo 


It’s hard to say which is more intriguing: the tubular shape of this vacation home or the custom-designed wood windmill-style window for the round glass wall at the structure’s end.


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Window design #2


Porthole bathroom window 


the most interesting & practical designs in glass or wood for your house
Industrial look porthole window with a view

Image Source:  Arqdonini Architects


Even the most basic and plain area can gain from a porthole window. It has this surprising impact, especially when used in restrooms. This design, on the other hand, is more industrial with a hint of glamour and splendour.


Window design #3


Fixed rhombus-shaped windows


the most interesting & practical designs in glass or wood for your house
Series of windows in a narrow hotel room

Image Source: Hilton Amsterdam Airport


These rhombus-shaped fixed glass windows give a romantic view of the city without compromising your privacy. The placement of the windows creates a standard pattern and adds depth to the otherwise narrow room.


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Window design #4


Large circular window with opening


the most interesting & practical designs in glass or wood for your house
Large statement circular window for your home

Image Source: Coci Studio (Pinterest)


Here’s an example of a large round window that adds a modern touch to your home. The expansive window provides unrestricted access to fresh air and enough natural light to brighten up your space.


Window design #5


Glass square windows on glass walls


the most interesting & practical designs in glass or wood for your house
Glass window on glass walls

Image Source: Werner Moser (Pixabay)


A retreat home with glass-on-glass action is all we are thinking about currently. This is a statement glass wall with a series of square glass windows to provide ventilation and fresh air. This is a great example of minimalist sustainable architecture.


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Window design #6


Slanting awning windows


the most interesting & practical designs in glass or wood for your house
Minimalist awning style window with white frames

Image Source: mansarda.it


With their versatility and multifunctional design, awning glass windows without grills are very popular in many offices and houses. These can even be locked if you want to keep the window open to let some fresh air in. Awning windows are ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms with a view of the yard.


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Window design #7


Floor-length glass window


the most interesting & practical window in glass or wood for your house
Beautiful glass window walls for natural light and majestic views

Image Source: theimagegallery.wordpress.com


If you want to maximise vistas and light, there’s no better way to do it than with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Window walls like these connect indoors with the outdoors and provide the breezy openness of a sunroom. Despite all of the glass, the wall window frames and plain ceiling help preserve a warm vibe in this pleasant sitting space.


Window design #8


Round window with black frames


the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
Statement circular minimalist window

Image Source: Miguel de Guzman


Modern glass windows with simple grill designs can become a central focus in your house. Shape, proportion, arrangement, trim, and grillwork can all be utilized to fabricate windows that are tailored to your taste. A single well-placed window like this can provide a pleasant touch to your home.


Window design #9


Elongated rectangular stained glass window 


the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
Add some colour and vibrance to your transitional spaces with a window with stained glass

Image Source: Archziner


A glass window near the stairwell not only adds a source of light but also provides the perfect amount of airflow in this otherwise dark location. One such staircase window idea is shown above, which is made up of stacked windows with exquisite stained glass.


Window design #10


Glass awning window design with wood frames


the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
Make your room cozy and bright with right kind of windows

Image Source: Golden Windows


This is a cosy example of a window wall, with combinations of the awning and fixed windows. These are great for villas that have a serene landscape around them.


Window design #11


Quater-shaped corner window


the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
Such a beautiful nook with an offbeat window shape

Image Source: Aldrich Fielderman


This window is a great example of how to use space wisely. The quarter-circle shape is offbeat and even more interesting is its placement below the staircase. This kind of window allows you to create a beautiful resting or reading nook with a view.


Window design #12


Unique outward glass floor-length windows


the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
Feel the luxury with these outgrown floor-to-ceiling windows

Image Source: Maxlight


The magnificence of these floor-to-ceiling windows is obvious. Moreover, they have the energy to dominate the room’s general mood, providing a relaxing and stimulating environment. Large expanses of glass can be difficult to accommodate, but when done well, they can bring a room to life.


Window design #13


The circular window for the loft


the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
Add charisma to your loft with an iconic window like this!

Image Source: Bagnato Architecture and Interiors


A circular window at the edge of the loft is such a mood. The window gives a majestic top view of the city and also illuminates the room with natural light saving your energy consumption.


Window design #14


Continued skylight-floor window


the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
Asymmetrical window cum skylight for office

Image Source: inspireddesigner


Build a tall, asymmetrical window overlooking the outside scene to create a bright and colourful home office like the one above. Windows like these not only help you feel more energized in the office but also aid you to overcome feelings of lethargy and sluggishness.


Window design #15


Unique windows for hut-shaped studio


the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
Creative skylight windows for studio hut

Image Source: Keepitrelax


Choose a distinctive shaped, floor-to-roof glass window design without grills like this to add some fun to your modern wood house! The curving, futuristic design is likely to impress your visitors and leave them amazed. Unleash your imagination and attempt to come up with new ways to add a creative touch to your home with a unique style window.


Window design #16


Kyoto temple round window with serene forest view


Unique round window
Round cutout window in a Japanese temple

Image Source: Japanese Web Magazines


This iconic round window looking over the lush green jungle is our current obsession. Situated in a secluded temple of Kyoto, this window adds to the mysticism of the place. Thus, proving once again the aesthetic appeal of round windows.


Window design #17


Classical church windows


Unique church window
Holy cathedral windows

Image Source: Art and Church 1900


In addition to the traditional rectangular style, windows come in a variety of shapes, including squares, circles, arches, and keyholes. A wonderfully shaped window can be created to complement a specific historical style and function as a work of art like this magnificent church-style window.


Window design #18


Renaissance window with stained glasses


Unique church window, glass window for house design
Stained glass magnificent window

Image Source: David (Pinterest)


Stained glass is a simple way to add character and colour to a bland space. The tinted glass also allows light in while maintaining privacy. Thus, a Renaissance church-inspired window is all you need to bring vibrance to your space.


Window design #19


Beautiful wooden canopy window


Unique wooden window
Intricately engraved wooden canopy around the black glass window

Image Source: occasionallychic


This is an intricately carved wood canopy window design. From the inside, the window looks like an average window but from the exterior, it is encased within this detailed wood design canopy. These types of jharokhas were prevalent forms of windows in the medieval age of India.


Window design #20


Indian style jharokha cutout window


Udaipur fort windows
Elegant cutout window in Udaipur city palace

Image Source: Kukkaibkk (Flicker)


These small cutout windows are an integral part of the Indian fort architecture, especially, the Mughal and Rajput architecture. The cutout windows are painted beautifully around the corners to provide a frame for the on-looking view.


Window design #21


Intricate jali grill window


Jali window of Indian architecture
Marvelous jali window

Image Source: 123rf.com


Look at how beautiful this jali window is! It is hard to miss an architectural marvel like this. These designs are still prevalent in the temple and haveli architecture of Rajasthan.


Window design #22


Hexagonal windows


Hexagonal windows
Series of customised hexagonal windows

Image Source: Pella Windows


Perhaps you want your home’s windows to make a particular architectural statement. So, if that’s the case, customized windows like these little series of hexagonal windows might be right for you.


Window design #23


One-way awning window


One-way awning window, glass window for house design
Floor-length awning window

Image Source: Architect Abeer Sweis


Awning windows have always increased the aesthetic value of a room. These full-length windows are ideal for country homes since they provide a good view of the exterior when opened. It’s also the ideal option when there’s a lack of natural light in the room.


Window design #24


A simple arched window for the kitchen


arched kitchen window
Classic arch window with block glass

Image Source: Pella Windows


Modern arched glass window designs with wood frames give your house a classic appeal that normal windows can’t match. Their unusual shape gives the area a more accentuated look while also lending rustic elements.


Window design #25


Twin round windows


Twin round windows
What is better than a round window? Twin round windows!

Image Source: Aluminium Windows Merseyside


With their uncommon shape, two large circular windows are somehow more appealing than a rectangular one. The circular edge works nicely in the bedroom because it complements the soft edges and smooth angles found throughout the space.


Window design #26


Garden window


garden window
Scenic garden window

Image Source: Garden suppliers


If you have a green thumb, a garden box window design with a wood frame is perfect for your modern house. The 3D projected glass acts like a little greenhouse for your plants, shielding them from the weather.


Window design #27


Folding windows with glass blocks


folding cafe fenestration
These foldable windows look so amazing in this diner!

Image Source: Foldupwindow


Glass block windows are a smart way to let natural light in without worrying about privacy. Besides lending a chic look to a room, these windows also brighten up the interior space. Glass block window styles are ideal for almost all rooms in your home. The above example of a foldable glass block is perfect for a large living room and dining room facing a clear landscape.


Window design #28


Double-height arched window


giant arching glass wall
Giant arching glass window wall

Image Source: Kolbe Windows and Doors


Great houses require eye-catching window solutions that complement the homeowner’s style and taste! This is an example of a bespoke window that makes use of the room’s entire wall. Glass windows are fixed from top to bottom of the wall to offer a large viewpoint.


Window design #29


Round window with awning opening


awning opening fenestration
Subtle little addition like this window can make your home architecture so unique

Image Source: Signature Windows


A round window in an unusual location can serve as a superb focal point for a room. So, consider a modern round glass window to be a unique resource to your house, a secret weapon that you may utilize to bring a unique touch to an interior design or to punctuate a building’s architecture or geometry.


Window design #30


Deep skylight window


floor length skylight
Add a surprise element to your space with a floor-to-ceiling window

Image Source: Ijapie


This deep rectangular window is affixed from the room wall to the roof and provides a stunning view of the sky. These types of windows are also commonly known as skylights because they let in a lot of natural light and air. So, along with the standard glazing, the glasses are coated with a specific UV-protection coating to shield your home from sun damage.


Window design #31


Fixed modern clerestory windows


Beautiful room with glass panels
Contemporary style room with ample windows bringing in natural light

Image Source: John Maniscalco Architecture


Modern architecture necessitates windows with a contemporary edge along with clean lines and open areas. Modern wood and glass window design is only limited by imagination thanks to innovative technology that provides both flair and energy efficiency to your house. Also, large glass panels with few grills and minimal adornment are typical of this window type.


Window design #32


Wood frame clerestory windows


skylight in wooden villa
Beautiful clerestory windows in a wooden villa

Image Source: i.pinimg.com


As you can see, windows can be placed at an angle to provide texture to a space. Flat surfaces are excellent, but a bold option can truly make your property stand out.


Window design #33


Corner bathroom window


amazing bathroom ideas
A minimalist bathroom with an L-shaped glass window

Image Source: Tearte Digital


L-shaped windows are the most effective way to make use of your room’s corners. So, this ‘unused’ area can be transformed into a fully functional space by adding large glass windows as shown in the picture above.


Window design #34


Picture window for kitchen with foldable openings


Picturesque kitchen
Who needs a painting when the view from the window is so scenic?

Image Source: Millar Howard Workshop


These types of large foldable windows are commonly utilized to create a visual framing around a view of the surrounding landscape, such as a forested backyard or a metropolitan skyline. Also, this window type often has a single pane of glass with no grills to retain an unobstructed view.


Window design #35


Double-height corner windows with black frame


L shape glass wall
Modern living room with an L-shaped window wall

Image Source: Certified Luxury Builders – New York Metro


Floor-length windows like these are a popular choice among homeowners who are replacing their windows. Moreover, residents are beginning to recognize these windows as a realistic option for increasing the value of their homes. Thus, this floor-length window in the corner is a stunning and practical example.


Window design #36


Coloured glass windows


coloured glass
The interiors look so breathtaking with coloured glass reflecting light

Image Source: 3M


Colourful décor can be lively without being overly provocative, as this hallway by 3M demonstrates. Also, the stained glass details combined with the abundance of natural light, remove the need for additional artwork, carpets, or other decorative elements.


Window design #37


Angelic grill window


angelic floral grill
A window straight out of the English Victorian era!

Image Source: Pella Windows


Iron grill windows are a fantastic way to secure your home from intruders and make it virtually theft-proof. Additionally, the tough and durable material is difficult to break through and provides excellent protection for your home. This angelic iron grill window is an example of safety and aesthetics. Thus, do not shy away from experimenting with beautiful grill designs.


Window design #38


Textured glass block windows


textured glass with floral pattern
Add textured glass to windows to retain privacy

Image Source: Bob Villa


Glass windows and walls allow more natural light to seep into your home, but they also mean that others can see into areas where you might prefer more privacy. However, textured glass windows, such as these, allow you to enjoy the light without sacrificing privacy.


Window design #39


Glass and shades window


Kitchen fenestration with glass
Stunning window with half-and-half feature

Image Source: Wayfair


These types of windows with a half-and-half feature are our favourite. Moreover, the half-shades and half-glass detailing set this window apart from regular glass windows. These look dainty and so aesthetic in the dining room or kitchen.


Window design #40


Fretwork windows of Amber


Amber fort
Floor-length windows from the medieval era

Image Source: Ravikanth Kurma


Indian architecture is known for its fretwork, jharokhas, and window canopies. This corridor in Amber fort is nothing less than a monument in itself. Imagine the blissfulness of walking through these floor-length windows with sunrays making patterns on the floor.


Types of windows


On the basis of how they open


Design #41 – Casement windows


Clear white windows
Classic white casement windows

Image source: Bradnams.com


Casement windows have gained popularity over the past few years due to their ease of maintenance and customizability. These windows open outward and provide adequate ventilation. They are simple to use and work best in areas where manually pushing open the windows is difficult.


Design #42 – Awning windows


Awning windows on groundfloor
Stylish awning windows setup

Image source: Jasonwindows.com


Awning windows, like casement windows, have hinges on the top and open outward. However, they are preferred more in areas where climate-resilient construction is required. They prevent rain from entering the room while also providing adequate ventilation.


Design #43 – Picture windows


picture windows with sofa
Lavish picture windows are best for outside views

Image source: Modernize.com


Picture windows are made with a single glass pane to allow maximum light into the room while also revealing the view outside your home. These window designs are stationary and do not provide ventilation; however, they add a luxurious appearance to the room decor.


Design #44 – Single-hung and double-hung windows


Minimalist windows with dining table
Single-hung and double-hung windows are great for compact spaces

Image source: Zen Window Twin Cities


Hung windows are another trendy window design nowadays. The difference between a single-hung and a double-hung window is that in the single-hung window, only the lower part is movable, whereas, in a double-hung window, both pieces can be operated. Single-hung windows are better for ground-floor and first-floor rooms where less ventilation is required. However, double-hung windows are ideal for the upper floors.


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Design #45 – Bay and bow windows


A standard bay window
Aesthetically appealing bay windows

Image source: Midwaywindows.com


Bay and bow window designs are mostly used in compact spaces. The difference between both them is that bay windows usually have 3 window pieces of different sizes arranged in a such way that they appear to be round from the outside. Bow windows use 6 windows of the same size to showcase a more standard look. Both of these window types offer a wider view of the outside.


Design #46 – Slider windows


a ccol slider window setup in kitchen
Slider windows are best for bathrooms and kitchens

Image source: Atrium.com


Slider windows are an amazing option for people who want a low-maintenance window for their rooms. These windows either open horizontally or vertically according to their type. Also, these windows are perfect for smaller spaces along with being budget-friendly.


On the basis of placement 


Design #47 – Clerestory windows


A living room with clerestory windows
Clerestory windows allow more light to enter your home

Image source: Haus-arch.com


Clerestory windows are a group of windows that are installed on the upper section of the wall to make the room naturally more bright and appealing. These windows are a good choice for halls and living rooms.


Design #48 – Transom windows


an external transom window
Transom windows add to the aesthetic value of the home

Image source: Wcmanet.org


A transom window is a relatively small semi-circular window above a common window to take its look and appeal to a whole different level. They also help in getting more sunlight into the homes.


Design #49 – Dormer windows


A large dormer window set up
Dormer window design with glass inserts for modern house

Image source: Pinterest


Dormer windows are installed on the sloping roof to brighten the indoors. These windows have been in use for centuries in Europe. This design adds an extraordinary look to the home from the outside.


Design #50 – Corner windows


A home with corner window in the forest
Corner windows are an extraordinary addition to homes

Image source: Pinimg.com


In this window design, two windows meet at the corner to add a unique look to the home. With a proper flow of natural light, these windows are considered an elegant alternative to common windows. These windows are also popular in hotels and industrial buildings.


Design #51 – Skylights


A classic skylight window with sofas
With skylights, one can take their home decor to a whole new level

Image source: Homeedit.com


Skylights are the most recent ventilation industry innovation. These windows are installed in ceilings to increase light flow while also making the space appear airy and spacious. Installation of these windows is costly but totally worth it.


On the basis of material 


Design #52 – uPVC windows


Exterior look of white uPVC windows
Pocket-friendly uPVC windows

Image source: Cristalwindows.co.uk


uPVC is one of the most durable window materials available in the market. These windows offer amazing insulation from heat and are also cost-efficient. In simple language, uPVC is one of the ideal options if you are concerned about durability and cost.


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Design #53 – Aluminium windows


An amazing alumunium window corners
Aluminium – One of the most reliable materials for windows

Image source: Haus-arch.com


In case you prefer glossy and sleek windows, aluminium should be your first choice. Aluminium windows are highly affordable and come with high-quality finishes which makes them low maintenance. Due to its flexibility, aluminium can be incorporated into multiple designs to suit your needs.


Design #54 – Wood windows


A luxurious wooden window
Modern wood window designs possess a timeless charm

Image source: Woodproductskenya.co.ke


No other material can match the elegance of wood. It is a highly robust material that can be painted and modified according to the need of the user. Another benefit of wooden windows is that they offer amazing insulation which makes the home warmer in winter.


Design #55 – Vinyl windows


white vinyl window decor
UV-resistant vinyl window design with glass inserts for modern house

Image source: Contentstack.io


Vinyl windows come with UV resistance which makes them free from any kind of corrosion. They are low maintenance and have a long life span of more than 20 years in most cases. Vinyl is also cost-effective and durable.


Design #56 – Fibreglass windows


Brown Fibreglass frame in a living room, glass for house
Opt for fibreglass windows for a picturesque space

Image source: Vox-cdn.com


Made out of glass fibre and resin, fibre glass is an amazing choice for window frames. These windows can hold up to harsh weather conditions and are also water resistant. Fibreglass windows are also resistant to dents making them an ideal choice for homes.


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What are standard window sizes?

Following are the standard window sizes for different parts of the home:


The standard size of windows for bedrooms:

Inches Feet Centimeter
60″ x 48″ 5′ x 4′ 152.4 x 121.92
36″ x 48″ 3′ x 4′ 91.44 x 121.92
48″ x 48″ 4′ x 4′ 121.92 x 121.92


The standard size of windows for living rooms:

Inches Feet Centimeter
84″ x 48″ 7′ x 4′ 213.36 x 121.92
72″ x 48″ 6′ x 4′ 182.88 x 121.92
60” x 48” 5′ x 4′ 152.4 x 121.92
48″ x 48″ 4′ x 4′ 121.92 x 121.92


The standard size of windows for bathrooms:

Inches Feet Centimeter
60″ x 48″ 5′ x 4′ 152.4 x 121.92
36″ x 48″ 3′ x 4′ 91.44 x 121.92
48″ x 48″ 4′ x 4′ 121.92 x 121.92


Which type of wood is best for window frames?

Pine is the most versatile wood for window frames. However, Fir and Mahogany are also widely used. In addition, the most common variety used for making Indian doors and window frames is teak wood.


Are wooden windows more expensive than uPVC?

Wooden windows are typically more expensive than uPVC windows and require more frequent maintenance.


What is the cost of a standard uPVC window?

The cost of uPVC windows per square foot ranges between Rs. 200 and 550 for fixed windows and between Rs. 250 and 700 for casements in India. The combination style costs approximately Rs. 340-460 per sq. ft., while the sliding style costs approximately Rs. 280-700 per sq. ft.


Do all exterior windows need to match?

It’s normal to use exterior windows of different styles together. However, make sure all the designs complement the other aesthetic factors of the home.



As can be seen from the above examples, there is an immense variety in the styles of windows. Windows have been an essential part of home architecture for centuries now. So, the evolving styles of windows have given us some of the most beautiful and unique architectural layouts. More often than not, a modern window design encapsulates fluidity in its style. The above-listed window designs are from different eras, regions, and also materials ranging from UPVC, wood, and glass to grills. Thus, these are some of the most iconic modern window designs that you can seek inspiration from for your house. Finally, we hope that our assortment of modern- glass, wood, and grill windows was able to help you choose the best design for your house window.


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*The featured image used in this article is from Window world



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