31 false ceiling ideas to make a style statement

false ceiling ideas


Welcome! Your quest for beautiful yet cheap ideas for bedroom, living room, hall, kitchen, etc. has brought you here and you are in for an aesthetically-pleasing experience of a lifetime! All right, that might have been a bit overboard but you get what we mean. Also, or homeowners, everyone will find practical and beautiful designs in this post.

The reason why false ceilings are important is that they make any place look otherworldly. Some people ignore the ceilings of their homes or commercial space. Instead, they focus more on their walls and décor items. That’s a huge error in judgment. Nothing provides a drastic facelift to a place as much as a tastefully designed does.

Look into designs to feel completely satisfied with your interiors. After all, perfectly executed ideas are a great source of happiness to the homeowner. Furthermore, the way to your guests’ hearts (either out of admiration or envy) is definitely through an impressive false ceiling.

Therefore, in this post, we have diligently put together 31 ideas to jazz up your place. So what are you waiting for? Just dive right in!



Intricate carvings

Carvings are an ancient technique in architecture and design. Also, the urge to decorate is a basic human instinct. Centuries of evolution have made us better at artistic skills.

Carving requires a lot of expertise. The skilled labor uses a cutting tool to carve out a on a solid material.

POP false ceilings are perfect for a carved design.


false ceiling designs for hall
This is the perfect for a hall.

Image source: pinterest.com


This inverted tray ’s simple shape is balanced by the detailed carvings on the innermost panel. Also, the outlining of the with carved borders are perfect. The crystal chandelier adds to the delicate look of this false ceiling.


ideas for a coffered

Coffered false ceilings designs are quite in vogue. They add depth and style to the false ceiling.

Pastel shades of pink, blue, and green are good painting ideas. Outline the grids with white paint. This also highlights the intersection of vertical and horizontal lines.


false ceiling ideas
This elegant false ceiling is simple yet beautiful.

Image source: cornicescentre.co.uk


Layered with an extended panel

A layered ceiling is a popular choice in designs. So, take it up a notch and make a layered extended panel along with the ceiling. It looks innovative and impressive. Also, strip lights brighten up the from ceiling to wall.


false ceiling idea for bbedroom
This makes the bedroom look symmetrical.

Image source: Saint-Gobain Gyproc


ideas like strip lights and make for a well-lit bedroom.


Asymmetrical ideas

Seemingly random shapes are excellent ideas for bedrooms. Also, they make your false ceiling stand out from the other basic designs.

While the extended panel on the is straight, the ceiling panel is tilted to the right. Also, the rest of the leaves a gap for the isolated panel to fit in.


false ceiling designs for bedroom images
and further increase the beauty of this room.

Image source: Saint-Gobain Gyproc


Minimalist ideas

For people whose top priority is peace, chaotic false ceilings are a bad idea. What can you do then? A simple, plain ceiling that’s functional and looks contemporary is the answer.


false ceiling designs for bedroom images
This false ceiling is stylishly simple.

Image source: euroo.com


Here is a simple tray ceiling, serving all the acoustic and insulation functions of a while being voguish.


Wallpapers for

Wallpapers are underrated in designs. They are more commonly used as coverings. However, their potential is criminally untapped when it comes to false ceilings.


wallpaper for false ceiling
This floral wallpaper in pastel tones is easy on the eyes and beautiful.

Image source: pinterest.com


Turn your ceiling into an artwork with the help of this false ceiling idea. You can add floral patterns, clouds, etc. according to what you want.


Geometric designs

This with repetitive geometric patterns is suitable for a workplace or study room. Also, it is a sharp and neat design. The white and gray triangles are interspersed with bright blue ones. This breaks the monotony while maintaining the coherency of this design.


Geometric false ceiling ideas
Geometric ceilings add style to workplaces.

Image source: armstrongceilings.com


Barrel-vault ideas

Such an arched ceiling is called a barrel vault. Also, these cheap ideas for the living rooms, hall, bedroom, etc. have an otherworldly charm. This is primarily made of wood and gives a rustic look to this living room.


barrel vault
The wooden barrel-vault ceiling looks great with white walls.

Image source: cityrealty.com


Wooden beam ideas

This main hall false ceiling is stylishly unpretentious. Also, wooden beams are fitted parallel to each other for an uncomplicated design. are installed at regular intervals.


wooden beams
This is a wonderful idea for nature-loving people.

Image source: hyderabad.in.locan.to


Multi-colored paint

Rainbow-themed paint ideas are for those who want to make a bold statement. Notice the walls. Their simplicity is what sets the stage for this multi-colored ceiling which has nothing subtle about it.


false ceiling designs for bedroom images
Make a kid’s bedroom ceiling the center of attention by painting it in the colors of the rainbow.

Image source: pinterest.com


Royal ideas

If you want to feel like royalty this is the best kind of for you. Also, it has an impossible-to-miss grandeur and beauty.


false ceiling ideas royal
A circular with gold-painted circumference and satin-filled center screams magnificence.

Image source: pinterest.com



The elaborate chandelier is the centerpiece of your hall. So, emphasize it with a circular design, also known as a medallion, in the middle of your false ceiling.


Ceiling medallion
Decorative lights along the borders are great ideas.

Image source: stanlil.co.uk


Sleek ideas

Install an LED strip light in the shape of a large rectangle in your false ceiling. Also, it looks sleek and provides sufficient for your space.


LED strip lights
This is a simple but ultra-modern idea for your home.

Image source: ultraleds.co.uk


Simple ideas

Here is a simple suspended that accommodates two fans and an attractive crystal chandelier. Also, such designs are the best and cheap ideas for living and halls. Additionally, coved highlights the suspended ceiling.


false ceiling designs for bedroom images
The opulent chandelier balances out the simplicity of this false ceiling.


Glass painting ideas

It is said that a person’s best ideas come to them in the shower. Hence, it’s important to create a that could stimulate your genius!


Bathroom ceiling which can be used in living room design also
This butterfly glass painting is a creative idea.

Image source: sunrisespecialty.com


A painted will make you spend long hours in the just staring at your ceiling. Also, this pretty ceiling will wow guests who come over to your place too.


Black and white ideas

Are you a of the black and white color combination? Then this idea will definitely impress you. Also, a glossy ceiling with black and white stripes is simply perfect for these stripe-heavy interiors.


Black and white stripes for living room design
The zigzag stripes of the sofas gel well with the black and white stripes of the ceiling.

Image source: therugseller.co.uk


Wooden extended panel 

For ideas for bedroom, a wooden extended panel is great. So, in this design, the bed, the behind the bed, and the ceiling look like parts of the same unit. This lends continuity to this false ceiling idea.


bedroom design
The matches the wooden in this bedroom.

Image source: Studio de Sabeela 


Bright and glossy ideas

While selecting the color of false ceilings, people tend to go for white or other “sophisticated” colors. Also, while that is a good idea in many cases, you are not limited to those options. So, you can go for plain ceilings in bright colors like yellow.

A panel extending from the ceiling towards the bed looks gorgeous.


bedroom design
Add a dash of color to brighten up any space.

Image source: pinterest.com


Two-toned ideas

 In such a design, you can overlap the wooden false ceiling with a plain white in a unique shape.


False ceiling ideas for living rooms
Add an artistic fixture, aided by spotlights lined along the sides.

Image source: Anukriti


Dining area ideas

A lot of apartments have a merged and dining area now. Also, you must choose the interiors for this area carefully because the family spends a lot of time in this space together.

Wooden planks and white ceiling complement each other because of the beautiful contrast they present.

This inverted tray ceiling’s white base is outlined by wooden planks. It is fitted with coved and recessed lights.


dining area
The wooden cabinets and the stylish with are perfect elements that suit the design.

Image source: Studio de Sabeela 


The white goes well with this design. Also, the shape of the matches that of the dining table- which adds to the style of this area.



Among cheap false ceiling paint ideas for hall and living room, color blocking is a brilliant technique to make any pop. Also, the cool, calm, and soothing vibes of the colors blue, green, and white look great together.


color block
Go for these colors if you want your living or bedroom to have a serene atmosphere.

Image source: Jayswal Agencies


You can also use other combinations of colors depending on the atmosphere and the elements in your room.


Mosaic ideas

Bring the beauty of mosaic-patterned mirrors to your with this design. Use darker colors for the mosaic parts of the white so that they attract attention.

There is something delicate and magical about mosaic ceilings. Maybe it’s because they remind us of peaceful churches and other buildings of old.


hall interior design of living room
This idea can be further enhanced with an elaborate ceiling light.

Image source: Symmys Studio


Tray within a tray false ceiling

These ideas look unique due to the extra layering. There is a within which a suspended ceiling is installed.

The outside layer is in a plain wooden while the inside layer is in a grid design. The centremost panel is long and the fanlight is installed here.


wooden false ceiling designs for living room
White accents and coved balance the wood-dominated design.

Image source: Studio de Sabeela 


Curved ideas

This orange patterned- contrasts wonderfully with the plain white curved ceiling overlapping it. The curved part draws attention even though it is towards the periphery. The reason is that even the orange-patterned ceiling gets a unique shape due to the curved one.


false ceiling ideas
An elaborate hanging adds to the subtle magnificence of this design.

Image source: Jayswal Agency


 Space-dividing ideas for bedroom

Use two different designs within the same to divide the bedroom into different areas. This is suitable for large bedrooms that have a sitting area.


bedroom design
The plain white false ceiling complements the mauve plush sofas well.

Image source: Harshit Sahni


Suspended same-sized blocks

Instead of using a continuous panel for a suspended ceiling, opt for breaking your into rectangular or square blocks.


false ceiling ideas
You can line the blocks with wooden planks or other materials in wood tones.

Image source: Studio de Sabeela 


Such a suits the bedroom. It separates the areas of the bedroom. For example, the block at the center is right above the bed, the one on the left is towards the crib, and the one on the right is the closet area.


Click here to explore more false ceiling designs for bedroom.


False ceiling jali ideas

Another brilliant false ceiling is the Jali design. They make a ’s look antique and grand.

Beautiful yet cheap jail ideas work well in living rooms, halls, open plan areas, and puja ghars as seen below.


puja ghar false ceilig designs
This puja ghar looks ethereal in the cast by the panels above the jali design.

Image source: modo.create


Comic book-themed ideas

If you are a big of Marvel or DC comics, you can add a comic book-themed in your home. Comic book panels are “super” cool yet cheap ideas for living room, hall, and bedroom. They add an extra touch of excitement to your home.


comic themed interior design
This comic book wallpaper makes for a fun false ceiling.

Image source: Lint


These false ceiling ideas can also be used in children’s bedrooms or in the bedrooms of adults who are still children at heart!


 Metallic outlines

Reflective metal surfaces serve well as borders for a simple white false ceiling. Also, they add glamour to an otherwise boring ceiling.


false ceiling design for living room
The metallic panel at the center holds up the huge pendant lights.

Image source: Anna Construction


Twinkling galaxy

Recreate a galaxy with these sparkling yet cheap false ceiling ideas for living and hall. Also, the lights are spread throughout the false ceiling.


Lounge design for living room
This false ceiling is highly attractive and functional.

Image source: Studio 101


Sculpted Clouds

Here is a series of floating clouds for an office space. These sculpted clouds have integrated lighting. They also provide acoustic control in a busy place.


Workplace interior design
These clouds stand out in the simplicity of the office layout and design.

Image source: Raed Abillama


ideas gallery




False ceilings create a remarkable impression on people. There is an abundance of creative designs to enhance the beauty of homes and workplaces.

The ideas we have compiled in this list are brilliant designs. They can give an entirely new look to any space.

The designs vary from coffered and layered to mosaic and comic book-themed. There is an array of elegant as well as fun ideas in this article. We have also given you the latest painting ideas.

Lastly, we hope that you have found the inspiration you were looking for here.


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