75F Occupant App


75F Occupant App creates the ultimate tailored occupant experience for indoor environments by maximizing employee comfort & productivity. The Occupant App empowers employees and other tenants to tailor their space with zone- specific controls for temperature and . The 75F Occupant App is available for iPhone and Android. This allows the occupant to get into their ideal comfort and performance zone.


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Product Features:


Occupant control: Occupants can turn lights on and off, or adjust dimming settings from 0-100%, all from their mobile phone without the need to find the switch or even be present in the area.

Occupant temperature control: Building occupants can check the current temperature and adjust to their desired temperature within the designated setpoint range.

Save Energy: Predictive, intelligent system can reduce energy costs by up to 50%. View and manage the energy usage in real-time through 75F’s web and mobile apps.

Feedback: Users can rate and provide feedback about comfort levels in their environment, allowing easy follow-up for Facility Managers in the event of equipment issues.

Vacation schedule: Occupants can set vacation dates for their zone to allow the system to drift to building ranges and avoid turning on lights, saving energy for unoccupied office zones.


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