Access control solutions for contact-less and hygienic security management

Access control system
Access control system

Gone are the days when a manual door lock was sufficient for the safety and security of the building. Conventional hardware is almost dead. We need stronger, smarter, and more reliable access and safety solutions. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the dynamics of the world. Also, the need for contactless entry and exit is more than ever today. Therefore, solution-oriented, touch-less automatic or sensor door access control systems, digital door locks, and sensor barriers by brands like Honeywell, Ozone, etc. are the need of the hour. In addition to being solution-oriented, the systems must also be retrofit. Thus, they must allow quick and easy up-gradation of the already existing space and resources of the building.

Every building has a specific requirement; therefore, a single access control system is not enough. Also, the demands of a corporate building are different from that of a laboratory, a hotel, or a residential building. Moreover, many international and national brands have come up with their exclusive range of access control systems. Let us have a look at a few of the top brands in this category.



What is access control?

The selective restriction of access to a certain location, building, room, resource, or installation is known as access control. To get access to a restricted area, a person must either have authorization or be granted permission to enter by someone who already has authorization.

Keeping your property safe and secure can be difficult, but installing a building access control system can help. Moreover, residents will appreciate the convenience, and property personnel will save time by implementing the suitable access control solution.

So, let’s go through the top brands that offer access control solutions.


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Dormakaba Access Control Systems


Dorma kaba access control systems
Dorma kaba access control system makes the building safe.


Dormakaba has revolutionized the game of access control systems. Also, it offers a complete range from door locks and digital locks to touch-less, sensor, and hi-tech retrofit door access control systems.

The solutions offered by the brand can be used for a wide range of applications. Also, the devices are compatible and interoperable while the software addresses every aspect of access control.

E N Q U I R E  H E R E


Automatic sliding door system 


Dormakaba automatic sliding door system
Dormakaba automatic sliding door system for access control


Places such as hospitals, banks, malls, airports, offices, etc. entertain a large number of people every day. Also, these are some inevitable places where the manifestation of infection becomes unavoidable. However, a well-planned access control system can reduce the challenges of safety and hygiene to a great extent.

Dormakaba’s automatic door systems are tailored to individual hygiene demands. Also, these doors offer a touch-less opening and closing with an automatic sliding door access control system. Moreover, they can be used as the main entrance, room partitions, and even in washrooms.

The door systems do not have any buttons or knobs that you need to use to get access. Also, they offer contactless opening and have secure interlock systems (essential for washrooms).


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Sensor barriers for door




To control unauthorized entry in a touchless and safe manner, Dormakaba has introduced door sensor barriers. Also, these door sensor barriers form contactless passage which adds to the hygienic protection measures and also enables controlled access.


Electronic cylinders 


For corporates and places with master key systems, the electronic cylinders are an ideal solution as the key can be reprogrammed anytime. Also, maximum security and flexibility are offered. Moreover, the retrofit system can be integrated into an existing mechanical master key system.


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Card readers and Peripherals 




This incredible access control system collects and processes data in real-time granting access only to the authorized requesters. Also, the wide range of peripherals and card readers can control access to up to 12 doors with their biometric device system solutions.


Android access control system




This type of system is best for offices and corporates. Moreover, the android app regulates access to the building. Also, no additional hardware item is required to control access. Thus, the system is quick and easy.


Assa Abloy Access Control Systems




Assa Abloy offers a complete range of access control systems making lives safer, simpler, and more convenient for people.

E N Q U I R E  H E R E


Mechanical and electromechanical locking solutions


assa abloy mechanical and digital locks for automatic door systems
ASSA ABLOY mechanical and digital locks for doors


It offers premium quality mechanical door locks, electronic locks, digital locks, and door closers. Also, these locks provide primary to secondary level access control to buildings. Thus, the electronic and digital locks have integrated technology which makes them secure and flexible.


Access Control 

The access control systems by ASSA ABLOY allow the administrators to control access to the high-security area through offline, online, and wireless solutions. Also, they are ideal for places with a high turnover of people. Thus, the technology at ASSA ABLOY can integrate with the already existing access control systems and enhance security and convenience.


Identification Management 


"ASSA Abloy door lock for access control of automatic door systems
ASSA Abloy door lock


Securing people’s identities has become possible with the identity management system. Also, ASSA ABLOY offers several identity protection solutions such as:

  1. Identity and access management: It enables organizations to safeguard the identities of people who enter the building.
  2. Biometrics: Fingerprint scanners of biometric devices validate a person’s identity. Also, the devices also offer a multi-authentication approach with ID cards, fingerprints, and smart cards.
  3. Entrance automation by ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY provides automatic, high-performance, stylish entrance systems for secure and convenient access to the buildings. In addition to controlled access and security, ASSA ABLOY also ensures minimized energy loss and retention of the indoor temperature.


Mobile access 


ASSA ABLOY mobile app
ASSA ABLOY mobile app offers individualized access control system.


ASSA ABLOY has gone one step ahead by developing android and iOS apps that enable users to access doors from their smartphones or smart devices.


Watch this video to find out how ASSA ABLOY’s mobile access works.


GEZE Access Control Systems

GEZE offers safety systems that offer individually combined programs and system components. Also, their intelligent locking and door systems are efficient for every commercial and residential building.

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Self-locking panic locks


GEZE self locking panic door
GEZE self-locking panic doors for access control.


These self-locking panic locks offer the quick opening of gates in an emergency. Also, they offer burglar-resistant controlled access to the building. Moreover, these door locks seal the building and allow restricted access. Thus, when combined with sensor doors, they can give complete contact-less access control.


Access Control Systems by GEZE

Geze access control systems - burglar-resistant controlled access.
Geze access control systems offer burglar-resistant controlled access.


These systems ensure the entry of only authorized people into the building. Also, GEZE uses intelligent solutions to safeguard the building from unauthorized access. Moreover, the state-of-the-art, intelligent solutions of GEZE can be divided into:

GEZE INAC: It is web-based software for door-control units with a customizable dashboard. Also, it offers quick access authorizations. Moreover, the wall-mount and door-mount hardware unit come with an RFID reader which automatically identifies and tracks people with or without authorized access.

GCER 300: This system provides access through individualized ID cards with RFID identification.

GCER 100: This system authorizes access through master cards. It can manage up to 100 users. Also, the device is weatherproof. Moreover, its special vehicle key support can turn a car key into a general access key for doors and windows.


Honeywell Access Control Systems

Honeywell’s access control system delivers sophisticated technological security solutions that are versatile and offer world-class safety and access control to the building.

E N Q U I R E  H E R E


WIN-PAK 4.8 access control solutions

Honeywell access control win pak for automatic door system and digital door locks
Honeywell access management system has HR and Visitor Management Applications for a complete solution.


The state-of-the-art access management software by Honeywell access control integrates the most advanced security technologies to deliver enterprise-level solutions. Also, the program uses third-party integrations like BioConnect®, Suprema®, HID’s Mobile Access®, Morpho biometrics, and much more. It also includes a visitor management system and HR applications.


Matrix Face Recognition             


Matrix face recognition for automatic door sensor barrier system and digital locks
Matrix face recognition is the most secure and futuristic access management system


The revolutionary brand Matrix has aced access management solutions by introducing Face Recognition technology that provides a quick and accurate user experience. Also, Matrix COSEC Face Recognition uses deep learning technology to meet high-security access management. In addition to that, the software also records time attendance. Thus, the high identification speed with contactless and minimal user involvement makes it an ideal electronic control solution for all present and future scenarios.

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Ozone Access Control Systems

Ozone’s Ozomotion range offers a complete array of access control and management systems such as automatic revolving doors, automatic sliding doors, digital door locks, RF ID cards, and biometric devices.

E N Q U I R E  H E R E


Automatic sliding doors


ozone automatic sliding door system access control for sensor barrier
Ozone automatic sliding door systems.


Ozone’s range of sliding doors is extremely versatile. Moreover, it offers automatic sliding doors, swing doors, and revolving doors. Also, for labs and chemical factories, Ozone’s X-ray shielding and hermetically sealed doors are perfect for security, protection, and access management.


Digital door locks


Ozone access control systems - automation digital door lock systems for sensor barrier
Ozone system includes digital locks that are password protected and one can operate them via a mobile app.


Ozone offers a variety of digital door locks that one connects through mobile apps or remains simply password protected. Also, the fingerprint scanner door locks are efficient and ensure controlled access.


Future of access control systems

Technology is becoming smarter every day and so are the electronic control systems. Also, since contactless solutions remain more of a necessity than a luxury, we expect that many rapid advancements will take place in this field of electronic control systems in the near future.

Smartphone integration with security and electronic control systems for door sensor barriers and more will increase. Near Field Communications technology will become more intelligent. Also, devices like smart bracelets will make it easier for individualized access.

Furthermore, in-built microchips that can be inserted into the body of authorized people are also being developed. Thus, these might come into use very soon in high-security places.

Also, Machine Learning Applications like Shield AI enables machines and robots to manage the defense and secure access to the buildings and other areas. So, the application and the hardware need proper synchronization with minimal human participation.

These enhancements will surely up the game of safety and security of the buildings and society.


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