‘Colors by Ozone’ – Lending vibrancy to interiors with coloured architectural hardware solutions

colors by ozone, rose gold architectural hardware solutions, door hardware
colors by ozone, rose gold architectural hardware solutions, door hardware

Designing interiors? Moreover, looking for some ‘colour options’ in architectural hardware but don’t know where to look? Ozone – one of the leading players in the architectural hardware category has the solution.


What is ‘Colors by Ozone’?

The company introduced ‘Colors by Ozone’ – the new range of coloured architectural hardware fittings. Also, this range is a practical and thoughtful solution for Architects and Interior Designers who normally have to settle with the ‘stainless steel finish’ for their hardware needs.

‘Colors by Ozone’ range provides enormous flexibility to play with the colours while designing living and workspaces. So, Architects and Interior Designers do not have to adjust their colour pallet to traditional colours and finishes.


The colour scope of Ozone hardware solutions

There are more than 15 colour options in this range including:

  1. Black matt
  2. Black glossy
  3. Gold matt
  4. Gold glossy
  5. Rose gold matt
  6. Rose gold glossy
  7. Antique bronze
  8. Natural wood finish



These colour shades go very well with the colour accents in interiors which are getting popular worldwide. Additionally, the wide range of shades made available in the ‘Colors by Ozone’ range breaks the monotony of using the traditionally available finishes. Though stainless steel or chrome finishes are the classic ever-green options, these new colour shades enhance the personality of interior spaces. While natural wood will lend a contemporary warm look, black matt makes the space look classy, gold matt adds richness. Hence, you can satisfy your creative instincts by experimenting with this detailed colour range.


What kind of architectural hardware solutions are offered in color by Ozone Collection?

Ozone has an extensive range of architectural hardware solutions. So, in line with its range, these colour options are offered in-

  1. Glass door fittings
  2. Shower cubicle fittings
  3. Sliding glass door fittings
  4. Wooden door handles & accessories

A complete set of fittings are provided for each solution and application. For example, for shower cubicle application, Colors by Ozone offers shower hinges, connectors, towel bars with handles, reinforcement fittings, as well as magnetic seal profiles so that the installed unit is perfectly colour coordinated.


Customization of hardware solutions – The added advantage

Since these solutions are customizable, Ozone can develop these fittings in any of the 8 colour options. This makes each interior look unique because of the permutation and combinations of fittings and colours that can be installed in a project. Thus, using these coloured architectural hardware fittings can lend ‘uniqueness’ to an entire interior project.


Matt black shower cubicle solutions, colors by ozone, matt black architectural hardware solutions, door hardware
Matt black shower cubicle solutions


PVD – Technology behind the colour

Colour on the fittings is a result of a technically advanced process called powder vapour deposition (PVD). This process lends flawless luster, smoothness, and durability to the hardware fittings. In addition, each fitting goes through a stringent quality check, ensuring the best finish and quality.


Where to buy the Ozone hardware solutions?

Colors by Ozone range of fittings are available at leading hardware stores across India. These solutions are getting increasingly popular with Architects and Interiors Designers. So, Ozone has supplied the Colors by Ozone fittings to many projects and the response is fabulous. Feedback from these projects indicates that the interiors have become livelier in the very areas where colour had no role to play earlier.


Get in touch

Ozone invites interest from Architects and Interior Designers for its ‘Colours by Ozone’ range.

So, to get the Ozone representative visit with sample showcase, contact:

Ozone customer care: +91 9310012300 (Call/WhatsApp)

E-mail: customercare@ozone-india.com


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