POP false ceiling: 9 things nobody tells you! (Designs included)

pop false ceiling design


Since you are here, you must be planning to build a POP sooner or later. We understand the confusion you must be feeling at this point. After all, choosing the right materials at the right price for a beautiful POP for a bedroom or hall is essential.

There are hoards of articles related to this topic on the internet. However, there is no comprehensive guide that covers all the aspects of POP as a material for false ceilings.

This is the reason why we have compiled the A to Z of POP false ceilings in this article.


What is a POP false ceiling?

A is made from Plaster of Paris powder. Plaster of Paris is called so because it was made from gypsum found near Paris.

The POP is simply a quick-setting gypsum plaster. It is made by heating gypsum to the point where all its water content evaporates to leave behind a powdered substance.

The powder is fine and white in colour. The chemical name is calcium sulfate hemihydrates.

This powder is mixed with water to mould it into different forms and shapes. Then, it is left to dry.

POP has several applications. In the building industry, this material for for bedroom, hall, kitchens, etc. has gained admirers for its versatility. It is one of the most commonly used materials.


A POP adds glamour to any space.


A POP can adorn both residential and commercial spaces. It’s more preferred in residential settings as it adds to the beauty of homes.


 How is a POP made?

Now you must be wondering how the material used for making casts for broken bones could be turned into a ceiling! It’s quite a simple process, actually. All you need are skilled artisans.

Firstly, do the framing on the existing channel. Install an iron mesh (also known as chicken mesh) on it.

Then, install the electrical wires. Wires should be inside conduit pipes that are drilled and fixed.

Apply POP to the existing framework. Finish the with putty and paint.


POP ceiling construction
A mid-construction



 What precautions to take during the installation?

  • Make sure that the application area is not prone to leakage.
  • Use POP from good and well-known brands like JK Lakshmi Cement or Gypsona so that it doesn’t crack during the procedure.
  • Consider the suitability of a certain consistency of POP for the space it’s for.
  • Go for a with a thickness of around 10-12 mm. Anything less than that would be prone to damage.
  • Perfectly dry the POP before installing the ceiling.
  • The electrical wires should be inside a pipe to reduce the risk of accidental fires.


What are the benefits of POP in false ceilings?

There are several benefits of using POP for the ceiling. Some of them are:

  • POP is a very durable material for ceilings.
  • A shows little to no signs of wear and tear for years.
  • Ceilings made from POP are quite weather-resistant.
  • POP offers a lot of flexibility in design.
  • The maintenance cost of a is low.
  • It is more affordable in comparison to materials like gypsum boards false ceiling.
  • POP false ceilings can double up as insulators of heat and cold.
  • These false ceilings are also detachable, in case the occupants of a decide to shift base.


Are there any disadvantages of using POP for false ceilings?

Nothing in the world is perfect, not even POP. There are certain downsides of installing a POP which you must know to make an informed decision. Some of the disadvantages posed by POP are:

  • Since a requires a lot of manual work, the laborers have to be skilled and experienced. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the desired finish.
  • The installation of a is quite a messy affair. There’s a lot of wastage of material too.
  • The installation takes a significant amount of time.


How long does a POP last?

As discussed earlier, these false ceilings are durable. They have a long life.

 In the absence of any external damage, a POP can easily last for 15-20 years.

 One doesn’t need to worry about longevity in the case of POP.


How to a POP false ceiling?

As a building material, POP is very versatile. This versatility enables you to experiment with various shapes and styles.

We have curated some of the best POP designs for you right here! These ideas have been divided into the following categories:


Shapes of POP false ceilings

As far as the shape of a is concerned, the most popular ones are squares and rectangles.


pop false ceiling design
A square-shaped POP with a circular detail at the center.


Circular ceilings are also a good choice for a more dramatic look.


pop false ceiling design
A circular designer for a living room.


Designer false ceilings can be moulded into unique shapes like swirls.

They can be layered as well.


Carved POP false ceilings

You can use intricate carvings on POP ceilings. Ceiling carvings have an undeniable old-world charm. They add to the character of a room.


pop false ceiling design
A flower carving on a


 A carved ceiling is best for a luxurious or royal look.


flower pattern
Brightly painted carved looks pretty.


in false ceilings

Innovative lighting fixtures will quite literally brighten your POP false ceiling. The best part is that all the wiring can be hidden between the original ceiling and the false ceiling.


Good makes this living stand out.


False ceilings with installed lights save space. There is no need to install boring tube lights and bulbs. You just have to ensure that the is evenly lighted through the alone.

With the help of lighting, there are so many designs of POP for bedroom, hall, living room, kitchen, etc. you can play around with.

Pendant lights and chandeliers look great at the center of a false ceiling. Use for a subtler style.


For more ideas, click here.


Color of the

Plain white is the obvious choice when it comes to false ceilings. However, it is not compulsory to adhere to this norm. One can experiment with a huge range of colours for false ceiling.

The contrast between the false ceiling colours and the walls has to be maintained. If the walls are painted in a darker colour, the can be painted in a lighter colour, or even the lighter shade of the same colour.


pop false ceiling design
Gray is always a good option!


Conversely, one may go for paint which is darker than the paint.

Use muted tones for the living and the master bedroom. A kid’s bedroom false ceiling design can be painted in bright colors.

Consider using wallpaper or textured paint for a unique design.


Where can one install POP false ceilings in homes?

The correct answer is everywhere! Any and every can have a makeover with a false ceiling.

POP false ceilings are a popular choice for interiors. The durability and customizability of POP are largely the reason for this.

There is such a wide variety of designs for homes. Here are a few pointers on how to the perfect ceilings for different areas of the home (with POP photos):


POP designs for drawing

Since the drawing-room (also known as the living room) is the first impression of a home, it should be designed to impress.

There are two contrasting ways to the pop false ceiling of living room.

You can opt for a minimalist, simple false ceiling design for drawing room.


simple hall design
Decorate a simple tray for drawing with cove lighting.


The other option is to go for a luxurious design.


pop false ceiling design
This white-and-gold has a luxurious feel.


Either POP ceiling would suit the drawing- well.


Click here to read more about living room designs.


POP designs for bedrooms

Since it’s a place meant for relaxation, the and tone should be calm and suitable. There is no need for POP designs for bedrooms to be overwhelming.


pop false ceiling design
This geometric patterned is ideal for the bedroom.


Kitchen false ceiling design

The for the should be simplistic and functional. Take care that the POP used can withstand the heat and smoke of the kitchen.


modular kitchen design
A plain white ceiling with matches well with this pastel pink kitchen.


The for the should complement the style of the cabinets and color of the walls of the kitchen.


 Dining designs of POP

The ceiling should be beautiful and well-lit. Install pendant lights and cove lights that cast a warm glow on the room.

Try to match the shape of the POP to that of the dining table. It creates harmony.


dining room design
A well-lit rectangular for a rectangular dining table!


POP false ceiling design for hall

Hall designs are an important aspect of building design. Do not dismiss the hall area.


pop false ceiling design
A hall ceiling with wooden details.



POP in can make it look cooler. In this case, the POP should be water-resistant to avoid damage. Recessed lights are good options for a in bathroom.


bathroom design
Keep it simple in the with this white ceiling.


Bonus: Pooja room

The place of worship is the most important area of many Indian homes.

Thus, pooja room designs must be grand in style.


pooja room design
This flower-shaped with is perfect for a pooja room.


 What is the POP price?

In India, the installation of a is quite affordable. The POP price can range anywhere from Rs. 50 to Rs. 150 per square feet.

For example, if the area of a is 50 square feet, the price can range from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 7500.

The cost of differs from brands to brands.


POP photos



POP uses heated gypsum. It remains one of the most common materials used in false ceilings.

The installation of a requires skilled labour. It is a tedious and messy process. However, the end result is worth the trouble.

POP designs for bedroom, living room, hall, kitchens, etc. are beautiful and long-lasting. They are energy-efficient and act as insulators too.

The variety in designs is immense. The flexibility that POP offers are advantageous. False ceilings are available in any shape, design, or style.

You can install POP designs at the right price in every part of a house. All the rooms can benefit from the addition of a designer false ceiling. These ceilings transform interiors into beautiful artworks.

POP ceilings are less expensive than many of their counterparts. The current POP price in India is around Rs 50 per square feet to Rs 150 per square feet.

All the qualities of POP considered, it is a good idea to use it for the of the bedroom, hall, kitchen, etc.

On a parting note, is it even a matter of surprise that the material used to build world-class sculptures is also used to sculpt magnificent masterpieces on ceilings?


All images sourced from Pinterest.com



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